Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar Eclipse 2009 - A photographer's boon

Most of you know my passion for photography and as people say "God help those who help themselves" ..I was among the luckier few to live in the city of Banaras where clouds parted to give a glimpse of the eclipse...

As I have cybershot ..not much equipped for solar was tough to focus ..but found many....

So I will give the series of the photographs I that those not lucky as me can have a glimpse....

Yeah! the most prized photograph which photographers just get milliseconds to capture in a century...The Corona ring and I was lucky here too to have it on my cybershot.... oh btw these are all low resolution one..if u need a high resolution .. you can always contact me....

Love n carez

PS: this post is dedicated to all the fans of my photography....especially Preetilata and Mystic Rose


  1. one wrod awesome!!thanks for posting these pics coz poor me being in Bombay cudnt view the eclipse. :) Lucky u to hav been able to witness the longest solar eclipse.

  2. We had clouds and rains here thruout the period of the eclipse! :(
    But really awesome pics yaar! Especially the last one and the 4th one. How come the 4th pic doesn't have ur name on it? Wasn't that taken by u too?

  3. wow, dude. that's an awesome pic you captured. Loved the full eclipse pics.

  4. dedicated to me. wow. thanks.

    but some of these pics are really awesome.
    I like the last one and the one with the leaves framing it :)

  5. Ria...........


    maine dekha tumne nhi dekha..maja aya maja aaya :P

  6. kadduuuuuu

    umne nhi dekha :P

    mujhe bahut dukh hua jaanke :P

  7. kadduu

    btw i took all those... but I was lazy to write name on all :P

  8. J

    thank you thank u..u kno it is hard to take one without any filter

  9. T

    u r welcome ...

    yeah I liked that pic too is set as wallpaper in mine

  10. I didnt know bro cud be such a top photographer? WOW I love ALL of em! Very nice, I must say!

    Abt the eclipse...r ya able to capture the eclipse of my heart? LOL!


  11. Sissyyyyyyy

    ahan..then soon a corona ring gonna appear followed by the diamond... :P

    u gonna get married soon :P

  12. wut???? where did that come from? LOL!

    samja pardon my Hindi!


  13. every eclipse is followed by a diamond ring...I guess ur life's eclipse will soon pass to give way to a ring :P

    that's wat I meant...

    samajh aaya ?? :P

  14. OMG!!! i thought i commented!

    i didnt

    *gives a sheepish grin*

    amazing pictures!!! so beautiful!!!

  15. **every eclipse is followed by a diamond ring...I guess ur life's eclipse will soon pass to give way to a ring

    not really cos what followed that eclipse was some shell-shockingly annoying ppl ard me on Sunday lol!


  16. Sissy....

    oh ...:D

    I guess u have to wear a moonstone then :P

  17. OMG!!!!!

    ki korechen ki guru!!!!!!!!


    :) :) :) :) :)

    ekhono i am not back to blogging. onek din pore online elam...

    ferot esho detaile e comment korbo. ekdom pakka.

    bhalo theko :)

  18. yep yep yep... i am ur pankha and always will be. :)

    thank you hai ji :)

    jadu ki jhappi bhi hai ji :)

  19. i dont think i need to tell u that i need the high resolution wale pics :p

  20. Preeti

    ore baba dangerous comment dili toh... :P

    pherot aaye ..detailse comments de tarpor... high resolition :P

    and thx for the jhappi and pankha :P



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