Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Whom to blame ????

I kno I have been away from here for long....no replying not commenting...frnds in facebook know that I am busy playing Mafia wars...and it really  is too much absorbing :P ....but today I am not gonna talk about mafia wars

But I wanna say about sumthing today which bothers me the most .....

Today i visited one temple which is high in security risk with my laptop  as I don't look like any terrorist ....they didn't obejcted ...there were 200 people there ..and I could have been any suicide bombers ..funnily the metal detector door frame was there but was unmanned with its alrm turned off....so lights were flashing red ....but none was there to notice...so is the situation in most of the Varanasi which is crowded all the time with vehicles parked everywhere without any objection...and anyone can be loaded with explosives and triggered....and this is when varanasi is hosting Sawan Piligrimage.......

Today Kasab confessed his crime...and confessed the whole drama about it....may be he was tired or may be he wants some mercy and i am not gonna blame him for that...if i had played Kasab's role in any  other enemy nation..I would have been termed hero....like what Mumbaikers did with Mr. Raj Thackeray...he killed...he maimed innocent Indians ...his brother of same mother nation and what Mumbaikers did..they kept mum...because it was all about their slogan 'Jai Maharashtra'.... wat the fu*k ????? U live in our India and u keep on maiming innocent Indians shouting Jai Maharashtra....and this is not an isolated condition whole of the nation knows People of that state are too biased...so why should we give food grains to them...when the state was witnessing famine.....why we relieve the loans with our tax payer's money....it was indeed sad to see brothers killing brothers...

I will not blame Pakistan for that..it pains wen I see Indian Police out of shape taking bribes.....instead of providing security....the police is out of weapons, armors and vehicles....but they have luxury home...

People want Kasab to be hanged before 26/11 but wat is his crime wen I compare it with greasing 7 people under a BMW by a drunk driver who is gonna serve 2 years instead of 5...actors keeping AK 56 and then running for election...

It really pains when I see the condition in India...... and what we enjoy ...that Kasab confessed that he and few others kept thousands of lawmen on toes and kept on killing peoples....who the fuck needed his confession..if he is guilty prove him and hang him......

I kno it sounds a frustrated post..but believe me we are so open to more attacks..another 26/11 is not far...

God bless India....

love n  carez

PS: This post is dedicated to people who died in racial attacks in Mumbai and people who wanted to go home on 26/11 but never reached...and the policemen who laid down their life coz of our home misnistry's or better our incompetence.....


  1. Hey bro I was wondering where u were :)

    Politics and Terrorism r dirty works, and they go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. We can blame NO ONE. Unfortunately.


  2. I see a lot of anguish in this post...
    Keep ur faith buddy!

  3. I read the full detail in the papers. agree with your take. I am wondering why nothing was done against Thackeray...when what he did wasnt anything short of homicide. While the ppl spent months grounding Kasab, not that that was uncalled for. Where is the thing that we called "justice for all" ?

    Very thought provoking post buddy.
    Good one.

    And I knw you're all over Mafia wars !

  4. It's a sad state of affairs. I guess we should just wait for the storm to pass. I agree with you completely regarding what you have to say abt Raj Thackeray. He's a terrorist in disguise!

  5. i missed your blog a lot!!! and how could you possibly be obsessed with mafia wars so much??/
    its so getting on my nerves!

  6. what u hav written is no doubt frustrating...but its the bitter truth. Things r just too messed up and complicated here. I wonder if things will ever change!!

  7. sissy...

    all my frnds in facebook are cussing me ..that i m online yet m not :P


    find me in facebook :P

  8. Cindy

    yeah me too deep in mafia wars..but see still i raise social issues that counts isn;t ??

  9. dhanya

    that's wat we always do and that's wat we will do here.....

    and ai hate raj

  10. Ria

    they will never change I know them well ...all they kno is their state ..ridiculous they are most of the time

  11. harini


    I don't know ...it is way too much absorbing..I guess one month will be enuff for me...


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