Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I m back .......

Ahhhh!!  I was waiting for so long to utter these magical words.... :P

I m back

and believe me ..I am feeling like Arnie :p

I was off for I guess some 17 -18 days..and whole world went upside down...


There was this wonderful dedication for me in Preetilata's page....A beautiful piece of Acrostic ...of course it flew above my head....but guys....she dedicated it to me only.... :D..that was just more than awesome of her...and I so love her for that....

The Dedication

I guess it is my fst time to be appearing in a post without any other guy diluting my existence..... 
Love ya loads preeti...and wateva I understand of poems..urs rock :P


Pop Legend...MJ passed away and like usual.. media's playing blame game and throwing dirt at the legend even wen he was on for his last rites...though I was not much a fan of MJ but he deserves respect ...May God bless the soul of the departed and give peace to ones surviving the wrath.....

oops wrong pic :p..see the bottom one.. :P

Rakhi auntie started her reality Swayamvar :P ...at firs I thought it was some comedy show just given good anti-publicity ...but wen I saw the fst episode...ok!! I m sorry I watched the first episode... don't kill me for being curious :D....it was devastating :P....... A TICKR line of MTV conveyed the best...the fst reality show where the winner will be a looser...lol!!!! .Only Rakhi can survive this much amount of foolishness onscreen...


Pritam da....will doobofy the name of Bengali music clan....it is gore to find him copying shamelessly :D....lol I think copyright to his dumb brain means Right to copy :D... I fink he is rite now having too much of Garam chai ki pyali with our own Anu uncle :P


I missed three bdays of three beautiful blogville gals... Pallavini, Keshi and Nehya .....I guess they won't shoot me...if I wish them belated wishes here on my page.....ohhhh!!! sumone just said I din't missed Nehya's and she is so secretive about it..I saw someone wishing her on FB...where she shouted her wish to wear bikini without going for a swim on her bday ......  

So Happy bday gals :) love u loads...... May all ur dreams come true :P especially if it is of having a date with me :D with u paying the bills ...lol....

PS: I missed u all a lot.....and thanks to all of u for remembering me ..... :P and I won't mind if U come and lie that u missed me ;)..... I will catch up with all the updates of ur blogs soon :)..love u all


  1. Welcome back. You have been missed . :)

  2. welcome back!!and i m upset....btw it was my b'day too on 23rd June!! U dint wish me. :( :( Anyways, good to hav u back.

  3. look who's back indeed.

    and the wrong pic is turning out just right ;)

    So will she be marrying the guy at the end of the show or does she only play cupid?

  4. Bless Your heart I am not being secretive.. lol my birthday is July 10th! FRIDAY!! I am going to need another post now! hahahahahah I am Greedy!

    I missed ya sweetie! And yeah I cant swim but I am going to attempt to learn this year! G0d Bless the Life guard and all that is around me!! lol


  5. Ria

    it was ur happy bday toooo :O


    looks like...I gotta update my bday list :|

    My next update will be on ya ...pakka se :}

  6. J


    typing rakhi only returns this pic only.... so see I was not on fault ..it was google's mistake only :P

    I don't kno wat she will do.....the criteria she is setting even shahrukh might get eliminated.. :P

    I guess it is the bulky host who is a frnd of rakhi as proclaimed by him gonna marry her at last...last twist on the show... :P

  7. WB bro! *HUGZ*

    where the hell were ya????

    I've been grieving MJ's death like no tmrow...

    tnxx for the bday wishes MWAH!

    ** especially if it is of having a date with me

    LOL okkkk! ;-)


  8. Nehya :P

    u bad gal :P ... where is ur 'miss u' mail...huh ???



    lifeguard around u ...:P he don't need any extra blessings..god already blessed him making ur coach :P

  9. Sissy.....

    was not in hell :P was in home and it was heaven to be with all this monsoon...

    MJ's death was a shock to me too ..

    I watched his memorial live...and it broke me in tears again....

    and welcome for the wish and date...I love all the dates when bill is being paid by the date

  10. Chalo... gud that u hv come back! Now start catching up with my blog... although not much of it required coz I was also busy with my exam!
    P.S. - I didn't say that I missed u! :)

  11. Kaddu :P

    hehehehehe no need for PS ..I was off and u were off..it implies that u missed me a lot :P

    Yesterday I did check out ur blog but the comment thingy was not opening .....so couldn't comment there :)

  12. well, if you insist!!! i missed you loads!! :P

    no, i mean it.. i didnt dedicate a post to you but somewhere inside i felt something missing and that was your blog :)

    and the rakhi sawant thing is so "yuck"!!!!! but i thought you didnt know cos you said on my blog that u thought it was a comedy show! and now u say u saw the first episode! and you commented on my blog which was written after the first episode!!!!!!!


    im confused!!! i hope you are too :P

    see ya!

  13. welcome back! :)

    Yet to catch the rakhi sawant show... :P

  14. Ah ! Somebody's all revved up !
    Gr8 to have you bk buddy.
    And hey, then for the wishes, and fyi, Ne's bday is tomoro..10th of july.

  15. Me? Lie? Have I ever?

    I am devastated you should think so.

  16. Harini

    that was so awesomely sweet of ya to miss my blog....

    hehehe rakhi thingy..wat I said in ur blog is the same I wrote here...I thought it to be a comedy show...but I watched the episode online after reading so many blogs and media hyped abt it :P


    so don't be confused...as underline is we both hate rakhi auntie :P

    c ya too :)

  17. Dhanya..
    thx a lot... and do catch up it better than tomato ketchup :P

    fultooo funny show

  18. Cindy

    thx re...and yeah I know that..see I wrote in the blog itself ..that I kno I din't missed her bday :P

  19. T


    U never lie????????


    and u lied again :O


    I was just kidding... kids do kidding....u kno na :P



  20. same here i too got back to blog recently.
    welcome back. there is always reason to smile if we really look around.

  21. Nidzzi :)

    ahhh u too was off ... ???

    welcome back then :)

    and I totally agree....if u wanna be happy nothing can stop u to be one....

  22. lol !! you watched that that thing online??? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    :P btw, i haven't missed a single episode :P


    well i dont know if i hate her... she seems all true-true but she still does suck, right ?


    well i accept!! *throws hands up in the air*

    I HATE HER!!!

  23. watching thing online has its advantage ..
    u can always fast forward...

    I don't know how she seems true true.. she cried in one reality show that she miss her mother as she loved her so much and claim that she was not loved by the family throughout her life... everytime she pretends to be sati savitri..I feel like to slap her hard....


    but keep watching for the wild card entry...as laws in India have changed..it might be a woman... :P

  24. oh you think she would fall for a girL????

    she kicked out a guy who was a divorcee and whos wife had no problem with it!!

  25. she can fall for even a dog for publicity.... :D


    jumping into homosexual controversy will give her massive publicity .. :P

  26. lol yeah!! shell go all

    "abhi pyaar to kissi se bhi ho sakta hai.. to aaj mujhe ek ladki se pyaar ho gaya to kya hua? shayad who ladki mujhe wo khushi de payegi jo mere pariwaar ne mujhe nahi diya. logon ko lagega ki main ye pub-lee-see-ti ke liye kar rahi hoon magar baat waisi nahi hai.. main isse apni khushi ke liye kar rahi hoon"

    dont you think?

  27. oh my god :P


    yeah ..same to same....u doing some heavy research on her.... :D

  28. arre nahi nahi... meee-ai to bas aise hi ex-pe-rieen-se se bol rahi hoon :P

  29. :P


    kafi ex pee ree nce ho gya hai tumhe :D

  30. nahi us tarah ki nahi... magar baat to bas yeh hai ki maine zindagi mein bahut thokharein khayi hai.. jaise ki abhishek ko meri ma ne pasand nahi kiya.. aur usko mujhe chodna pada.. to is tarah ki thokar shayad kisi ne kabhi dekha tak nahi hoga... bas main hi hoon..... and she drowns deeper into self pity as a change the channel from man ki baat and watch friends :P

  31. lol

    mast thokar hai yeh..... :D

    lol even news are are full of her...and I myself feel emabarassed watching her ...how can sumone can pretend so much....

    tumhari gf hai ??? :O
    tum mujhe chahte ho jyada ya phir anjali ko :P



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