Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Many of my good frnds are annoyed ..All of them can see me online in facebook 24X7 yet m not responding to their status alerts and sum people are annoyed coz I update my facebook so much that their news feed gets all spammed up....yet I can't help ...coz I m all addicted to it now.....yeah!!!

Yeah!! I am all Mafiaso....playing Mafia wars...but I needed a break from my lonesome thinking...and mafia war is giving me good diversion

Some one said...
" Playing Mafia wars is cheaper than doing drugs"

OHH!!!! Btw...I missed wishing my ex  her birthday..coz I was all level jumping that time and all I had in my mind was how to get more experience points... and she thought I was scoring even as she didn't wished me birthday... So fst thing fst....

Happy birthday Sarah....  May god give u a better bf ..the reason why u left me.... and loads of happiness with him....

So what to write..?? I have some 100s of posts waiting in que..yet I don't find the mood to post them...

So I am ending today...and I know I have very few readers left...and i really apologize to u all for not coming to ur blog lately... is pressuing me to get married....and I guess it is high time for any of you want to marry me...don't hesistate to

Love u all

PS: Listen to " Main chala" of the movie is a awesome guitar piece of singing with chords..


  1. **So I am ending today**


    youre marrying someone else????????

    and what is this ""so any of you want to marry me...don't hesistate to respond""

    not another swayamvar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    dd plz plz plzplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont leave :(

    whatll i do without you??

    October ab door nahi

  2. Do u mean to say u r saying goodbye to blogging? :-/
    Surely Mafia Wars can't be better than blogging dude!
    This is ur baby... this blog...
    Take a break if u must... but never say goodbye! Woh bangla mein bolte hain na... "aami aashchi"! Or as Shahrukh says in RNBDJ... "fir milenge chalte chalte"... :D ;)

  3. yes main chala is a nice song. And i hope u overcome the Mafia mania and find time to come to our blogs. And write some good posts too!!

  4. Yeah, hold a swayamwar. It's very IN nowadays :P

  5. wao...i love the cake tempting!

    getting married eh?!?!

  6. Harini:O

    Ending ka matbal ka ending...

    and october ..yeh i will defn wait for u till then

    jo vaada kiya toh nibhana padega...

  7. Kaddu...

    Naah dear...Main kaise blog ko chhor doon...:P

    but MW seems better than blogging :P

    but I m singing

    " Never say goodbye "

  8. Ria...

    Mafia mania :P

    Ain't going to be soon :P..but I do visit blogs..but don't comment

  9. Dhanya :P

    for that I have to find Ravi kisan :P

  10. Vanilla :P

    naaah not getting married but thinking of :P

  11. Bro ur addicted to Facebook (24/7) and ur family wants u to get married soon? My condolences to ur future wife. lol!


  12. pehle yeh bolo... did you get my list or not ? ^ ^

  13. kaun si list mam.... ?????

    mail karooooooooooooooo

  14. lol!! you know dd, i took the whom will you marry quiz on fb and it said #4 sourish- will run at the altar!


  15. bro..welcome back yar thoddi blogging bhi kar liya keshi's comment!!

    tk care buddy!!

  16. Rahul

    thx re... tum facebook pe mafia war nhi khelte???..chalo meri clan join karo

  17. mafia wars... sigh!! You ain't the first and you definitely won't be the last to talk about it.

    That's a mighty big virtual cake there.

  18. aawww... loved ur gesture to wish ur ex and still remember her b'day. wow

    waht u gettting married or what... keep us posted... ;)
    I too am a fan or Facebook, and currently obsessed with Pathwords.

  19. J


    right u said... if u r in facebook.... join my mafia

  20. Nidhi

    thik se padho..waha likha hai ki main bhul gya tha...

    and if u r in facebook...waha meri frnd kiun nhi ho :P

    chalo frnd req bhejo and mafiawars join karo

  21. I dnt understand what the eff is so exciting about MAfia !!!!!!

    Its just clicking some buttons - thats all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I hope that "statues msg feed all over my page" thing wasnt aimed at me you moron !

    I aint angry btw. :)

    Aur haan, chor, shaadi kar le samjha. It is about time. Aur kinna ladkiyo se flirt karega.



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