Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My date with Sarah

I was thinking since morning...( no way i am gonna explain...how does it feel to think without brains ..it is strictly classified .... :D )

to write a post about the beautiful trip to DELHI to meet my then-gf who is now my ex....coz I din't want that to get lost down in my memory lane only because she chose to dump me out.....

But right now feeling damn hungry....so saving the draft and going to eat sumfink :D

I am back................

So I was writing about the trip....

** It may be long ...mushy...may be hopelessly romantic...so if u want to skip..u can...but this is  my last post for now..as i am going for a vacation from 20th to a date not known for now...so by that time don't forget me and if u get time read it... Will miss u all **

Before the trip ....the important issue was wat to gift her as it was my fist date and it was our first meet...yeah ! we met and fell in love courtesy to ORKUT...

yeah i understand that is Cliche :D...but hey I m not alone in this league...loads of people fell via ORKUT :D...

As usual like all love stories ..her family who was much high class dint knew abt me existence as they defn would have rejected me then as they have rejected me now :D..so I couldn't give her anything flashy and that I regret still..but anyways....watever hapens happens for good :P...so selected few cute items from a gift shop for her ...neatly wrapped them which took nearly  6 hours for clumsy me :D

Train to Delhi was eventful...we continued talking on phone..scheduling and rescheduling everything...and each passnger of my compartment knew that this moron got a gf at his destination point... :D ..some of them wished me luck too...

As soon as I entered New Delhi ....i got swarmed with autowallas who wanted me to chose a hotel and one sardarji found one suitable for me in my low budget after long 1 hour drive....I called her up and asked her to meet me at RLY station..I unpacked in that remote hotel whose stairs I was afraid might fall anytime :P took a bath in 3x3 bathroom which was not even sufficient for me to stand...and commode ..don't ask me how in the name of hell I put my ass on it :P and that too finding there's no flush was icing on the cake  :P...so had to use bucket after that...lol

But any-damned-thing was nothing in comparison to the anticipation of meeting her..

I got to station and found she is gonna come late...traffic jams :p

so I chose to stand in front of SULABH .

.So that she don't find difficult to identify me :D...soon a PCR van stopped and they asked me the reason to stand there ..ina foul haryanwi tone with of course loads of abuses.... I was surprised...as I dint thought I meet the criteria profile of any terrorist who is gonna blow up a public urinal :D...but I managed to tell them in that time...hey buddy....ur boss  took training under my Dad's wing...so don't jump that much...

Thank god!! she came....contrary to what I said..she was looking so cute and beautiful ..trying to identify me among the people lined up for the entry to urinal :D..I thanked to God!! for letting me meet and be part of such a beautiful and innocent soul....I went up to her..she was lil dissapointed seeing me...but managed to evade that expression ..who the fuck are u ..from her face...

We went up to a nearby breakfast joint...and see was amazed how I could manage to eat sumthing  in such a polluted place...hhehehe ..Doing Engineering and being away from home for 6 long years defn take its toll...:D

After that we decided to go to APPU Ghar...as it was the closing day of that zoo but the exorbitant fee stopped her and I regret that too...I had bucks in my pocket...yet she was not allowing me to purchase anything...and ....but who don't want an economical gf :)

So we went to INDIA GATE...and we found a boating place...I am quite a hydrophobic if not with parents and of course the ride was for kids... :D..but I dint want to disappoint her and knowing that water was only knee deep ..I ventured in the boat and found I can't revolve the paddle due to my long legs and shoes :P ...so hehehe she paddled and I was like...
'Haseena boat chalao'...like some mughal emperor sitting on a toy boat...and she was paddling and laughing .. We managed to hit many boats we can and I used to shout " Yalgaar" (attack) everytime we do so..she was all in splits ..and people were  looking at me.thinking..." who the fuck this moron is who is making her gf paddle and making all those funny shouts:D "...

but she was happy and I can see it in her ..her face was radiating with happiness...and we till recently cherished the event...

Then the ordeal started of finding a seat to sit..and u know how difficult it is to find one in any public park..so went to Parade stands ..we exchanged gift and she brought a perfume for me..and I still have that in my closet.....

We talked for long...I wanted to kiss her at one point...but then I thought she dint wanted to kiss me on our fst date...so I thought better not try it...

so we then moved to Palika...

she told me that she is an excellent bargainer so I let her bargain and find out how pathetic she is in that..I bought one shades for Rs100 which he was selling at some Rs 800 and she thought saying 400 will be good to impress me.... :P..so I had to bargain myself... :D

We then went up to lunch...and..what a moron hotel they don't serve lunch after 3..still they agreed to make the exception for us ...but she wanted a pizza...so we bought one ..and believe me it nearly killed my appetite for Pizzas forever...it was pathetic.... :P...and she dint even took another bite...so I packed the pizza so that I can eat it later in my hotel which I was sure won't be serving me any dinner...... :D

After that we sat for a while and then talked a lot abt FENG SHUI which she bought for me for some crazy bucks and I told her that she could have got it cheaper in Rs 10 only...and believe me we found one roadside vendor selling those lucky coins for that price only...

but I still have it in my wallet and may be that's why my wallet after that was never empty :) ...I love her so much for that  :)

I dropped her home then and went back to hotel.. nearly lost but sumhow found my way back...ordered  a beer and some food ..but to my surprise they served me well and by the time I entered I found my bathroom and room all cleaned up.......

Next  day..trouble found her and family issued a Fatwa against meeting me...but she sumhow slipped away and met me nearly 3 hours after we scheduled to meet..in McD ...yeah yeah !! i know it is cliche to spend ur date in a McD but see it was the only place which would let me wait for hours even without ordering anything..still I managed to sip 5 coffees by then...she entered and she it was such a sign of relief seeing the beautiful her...and her sweet shy smile...we discussed the match between Khali and Undertaker ...she got amazed when I asked the McD boy abt Khali...our Indian superstar of WWE arena ....we laughed and then we nearly got into a arguement but thanks to the girl of god knows wat convent school whose pink underwears caught my attention while she was climbing stairs just above me in a skirt so short which I doubt was not even covering half of her milky things ..

(lol ...I can't help going into details of such events :D...)

We then had a fight over some issues...and I saw how she hates angry me...and how much I love her for that..she is all against PDA  ..yet I managed to irritate her kissing her soft shoulders in that busy park and she was like what if that old guy who sat opposite to us knew her father..who is a famous celebrity in Govt.of India...we manged to do some cliche event of eating moongphalis..nuts and what not...

She decided to wait with me for my train but them my mom informed that dad got sum news in his scanner abt a possible attack on New Delhi...So I thought better to escort her home...so I took her to autorickshaw and asked her to go home which she was reluctant to do..how badly I wanted to kiss her byes..still I thought she won't like this cliche at her fst date...so we shook hands..and parted

Little knowing  that it will be our only and last date.... I said her good byes ...

Love u Sarah ...for those beautiful two days..... :)

Good luck with ur future....and stay happy forever.....

A song for you.....if u happen to read it ever...

PS: Don't take it as my vain attempt to get her back....but if memories are beautiful..they are worth keeping .. and as i said my last post for now...so don't forget me by then...
love n carez


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Cute lil story and nice pics illustrating the same. Well you should have atleast given her a friendly peck on the cheek.

    And say, you have 4 days more to the 20th, i'm sure you can squeeze in another post ;)

    Bon voyage.

  3. I like the way u treasure those memories in greater DETAIL, including her skirt length too!

    **trouble found her and family issued a Fatwa against meeting me


    Its a sweet post abt few moments that will last an eternity. Loved it bro :)

    ur on holz and u dunno WHEN u will return? what that abt ha! ;-)

    TC n be good!


  4. awwwww... dats choooooo cute....

    memories as dese are for keeps and these are the ones which always flash out from time to time.. to mark their worth.

  5. lovely memories mate...
    you were so lucky to take her on date,some didn't even get that chance.

    tc mate... i liked the post..

  6. so close with her yet so far..

    have a good time bud.. take care

  7. "if memories are beautiful..they are worth keeping" .........
    ...exactly wat i blv in. :)

    "haseena boat chalao"..i fnd it tooo cute n sweet

    p.s: a dedication..dedication..dedication is waiting for u. taratari eshe dekho and bolo kamon hoyeche. i hope u like it.

    tc :)

  8. nice story bro..well, I guess it's time to move on(or I guess you already have :P)!!

  9. aur aahista ..kijiye baaten.. dhadkanen koi... sun raha hoga

  10. nw tht was a sweet post!!btw where r u these days??

  11. am just thinking if some day the gal who is going to be yur wife read all of this...


  12. wow.. the fiction and facts cann't be seprated here..

  13. hi dd,
    real nice post! i have a lot to say, so dunno how to put it...

    im back too!!! so see you around! :)

  14. wherever u r right now bro, any plans of coming back to Earth? ;-)


  15. J


    I did give her a frndly peck on her shoulders ..it that counts....

    sorry bro.....

    got caught up in loads of emotional turmoils after that..so couldn't squeeze in another post...but will defn post more to fill up the void..only if u want to read more of craps i write :D

  16. Sissy...

    needless to say
    that I m back :P

    and thanx for liking the post :)

  17. thanx chriz

    ...I had a wonderful time..thx for the wish :)

  18. Preeti...


    dat was some awesome dedication.....just mindblowing..making my day kinnda thing....

    guess wat ..I m gonna blog that post of u in mine.....u kno memories are needed to be kept safe forever :)

  19. rahul...

    yeah bro

    moved on :P

    in search of a new gf

  20. Ria...

    was on holidays....needed some time off....

  21. Mysti mia :P


    I m thinking about wat if i stumble on some pages similar to this of her :P

  22. yayaver:P

    it happened like wat i always thought it to happen...
    so see... :)

  23. Harini :)

    glad to kno u r back..will drop in urs soon :)

  24. Sissy :P


    went up on trip to mars ....just landed on blogville :)


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