Monday, June 08, 2009

Expectations ......

I was thinking.....
I know u are now defn thinking that why he starts with 'I was thinking' every other time ..the answer is...

U can guess that ..I kno u r smarter than that .....:P

So I was thinking ...why people expect.....?????

but today I will not be talking about the reasons behind expecting...rather I will be talking about how people think themselves so important....that they can ignore everyone and yet have an expectation from others to give attention to them.....

Yeah ! I have a fair share of these kinnda people in every part of my it my school frnds frnds...and frnds in blogville....

Since u don't kno abt anything abt my personal frnds saying A did that ..B got kicked....will not be much helping rather it will sound like I m trying to teach the smart Chhotu ..A B C D ( Oh btw the Chhotu is a cute kid of Aparna and u can find her blog from my blog list....and u can follow that blog for reading updates of Chhotu ...and... it is a refreshing read )

So see I will have to discuss blogger then.....but on second thoughts ..I guess creating controversy is not  my signature...........but I can say the types...

Then I m having second thoughts on that too as frndlist is too small and I don't want to hurt those ....

But they should get it from this post...

"Never Expect anything from me from now on ..........I m tired of being the frnd in need and then kept in sidelines."

PS: Recent events in my life have nothing but increased my pain...and I am tired of playing the task of a frnd and getting backstabbed.....just speaking my mind off....


  1. Expectations aren't bad, its over expecting which is bad.
    The point that we shouldn't expect respect when we dun give it to people is completely valid. I hope Aparna did understand you well =P

  2. Ayushi.....

    Sometimes expectation kills :P
    and I yeah I agree with u on ur point and I guess Aparna is smarter ..I made the simple for chhotu to grasp :)

  3. Blogville ?

    I am not at all an expert on this particular matter, and I really think blogdom members should cut each other some slack.

    Everybody has a life, and nobody owes anything to anybody. Whats with piling yourself over another ??

    Its blogville dude, arent here better things to do or are we so jobless that we mull over this crap over some inconsiderate virtual non entity ?

    Pardon me if I was harsh, but then this what I honestly feel. If ppl are so full of themselves they can bang their heads on their virtual blogwalls, apni life me aise log kya kam hai, jo internet par bhi aise loosers logo ka palle padna !

  4. Cindy..

    long comment :)

    Nobody owes to nobody.... nice thought.... :)

  5. i stopped doing tht quite a while back. Ans yes i hav also learnt it from some bad back stabbing experiences, now i m wary of being a friend in need!!

  6. And then you have to ask yourself why do they expect what they do from you? And which ones of yours are not getting fulfilled. Almost all our problems arise within us. something like if you bend your back every monkey will jump on it. :)

    finally a post i can comment helpfully. ( i hope). for the other ones i will just say love is only about loving. and expressing it. if not, time for distance.

  7. Expect karna chod do... Aur apne man se jo karna hai karo...jan bhj ke kisi ko hurt na karo..aur unintentionally ho jaye to fir guilty jyada feel na kar..mera yehi mantra hai...inspite of this pissing off people... i have my friends.. so m happy.. !

  8. Expectations works in both ways no?

    A expects something from B, B does something good from A and expects something from A.

    It's complicated... just move on

  9. Ria...

    I guess i m always late to learn..but thank god i learnt....

  10. Mystic rose....

    yeah...that's why see I haven't blamed anyone .. rather I said I will stop bending from now on :)

    and u r always helpful....even if not I love to see u here for that u can always come and comment.. :)

    and I agree with u on ur point on love.... see so many good suggestions :)...aap aaya karo :)

  11. Chriz:P

    tired buddy :P
    tired playing uncle with nieces :D

  12. Samby

    aur haan tera ek aur mantra bhi hai...chhota hoon toh i can do errors ....bade ho toh samjh lo kaise maaf karna hai.... :P

    tu thoda foolish type ka hai :P but u r a good person inside out.... :)
    that's why u r a goood frnd

  13. J

    it is indeed complicated....I was thinking after publishing the post...if they are expecting and I m not why I m angry and sad....

    it is complicated....

  14. Cindy.......

    I agree with ur points but see I have so many good frnds whom I havn't seen ever...I just know their faces and sumtimes not that too...
    so unhe chhorna isn't that easy...
    hai na....


    tu kabhi usse upar bhi aaya kar....koi bhi line ho usi k bare mein likh daalti ho :P

  15. So bro, what d u 'expect' me to say here? :) Im sure u 'expect' atleast one of us here to say that we u'stand how u feel etc etc. Rem when I recently wrote abt such friends, u just 'laughed' at me hehe.

    Well Im not going to do that to u. Cos this aint no laughing matter. It's actually a very draining matter. And yes, like u, I hv reached that stage too...Im sick of it all. And Im not going to 'expect' anyone to u'stand me either! ;-)

    Basically I will not be a friend to those who themselves dunno how to be a friend.


  16. besides, why die over Internet friends that can dismiss u from their lives with a click of a button! Its not worth it at all.


  17. Sissy...

    it is not about the is about being thankless....

    though I have to agree it do have a similar theme...or may be it wanted to convey a similar it is kinnda angry post on those thankless people for whom I spent a hell lot of time in their time of needs..which I now think that I was wasting my time....

  18. btw...the one who even think of deleting me always were unlucky to found themselves deleted out fst..

    but i m glad it happened on a very few occassion :)

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. thankless ppl oyeah I know alot of em too. tell me abt it. *rolling eyes* When they had no one in Blogville, it was keshi keshi they dun even know if Im dead or alive. :)

    See thats why I've become a stronger person...from all those experiences. But now, even from my new friends on the net, I dun expect anything...neither do I go out of my way to stay in touch with em or be nice to em. cos seriously my NICE credit has run out lol!

    But that doesnt mean I dun trust all. I do trust few ppl here. Internet doesnt always mean useless or nameless ppl. Its just like the real world. u get some good and some bad.


  21. And its also not fair to judge every single person on the net under the same light. The fact that we r here, blogging, interacting etc means we r also part of that Internet clan. So we really shouldnt be throwing mud on ALL internet friendships. Cos I believe if we r genuine, then there's atleast one genuine person on the net. if we r not, then we dun trust NONE.


  22. Yes i told u my funda on the fone... hahaha.. dnt worry when we will trip , at bhopal/ur place i will learn ur fundas as well.

  23. (((((((((((SOURISH))))))))))))))

    I know I have left you in the dark on some things... but you have to blame it on timezones.. I guess I am going to have to call you up and let you know things...

    I need those digits again.. lol

    You are a sweet person, I only expect you to be you no matter what and from what I see you are always yourself.. Crazy but yourself non the less and you are so sweet of a person!!

    GIve me your number again we can play a game I don't know what she is saying but she has such a cute accent. lol

    see you sweetie!!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Arrey!!! Someone is highly frustrated I can see ;)

  26. Kinda confusing.. anyways expectations are a part of us as humans, they cant be suppressed, they cant be controlled.. and if someone says he/she has no expectations at all, I dont believe..
    But thats totally unfair from people to expect things, to get things done for them and then just live their life without giving anything in return. I mean it is not like we should expect getting something in return, but life is all about giving and sharing, not just taking :|

    The Colors Magazine

  27. My fren OMi too wrote abt expectation on his recent post. tht its bad to expect cuz it hurts.

  28. Weird! So many ppl around me caught up in similar issues!

    My mantra... don't go too much "out of ur way" to do sth for anyone... that way u wont feel bad if they don't do anything for u. Live for urself first... charity always begins at home.

    Besides, the world is full of all kindsa ppl... so just chill! :D

  29. i dont know wat happen..i don know wats bothering ur mind....i dont know who hurt thing bro dont generalize the entire blogsville like that...i know expecting something in return or expecting some love is bad and when we dont receive it we may feel bad...i know i did that lot of times...and now i stopped expecting..

    one thing i wud like to say bro...there are lot of nice people in blogsville i found real frnds like u keshi cess ria and the list always goes on...

    and yes dont ever generalize...i am sorry if i sounded rude...u know i just dont want u to get hurt and u dont hurt anyones feeling's tc...


  30. !!

    Tu plz ye blogdom posts likhne bandh kar, main tere posts padh sakti hu par wo tere comment section par jo baadh aajati hai uske baad use nahi dekh sakti.

    It kills the seriousness of the matter !! Lmao !

    Aur rahi baat good frens ki, you are going thru the phase where I was 2-3 yrs back. Give it some time, fir dekh lena kitne dost hai yaha..the number will decrese drastically low, and be glad about it when it happens. Cz that would mean, they are the real ones.

  31. Sissy....

    really i don't have word to explain this phenomena :)

    so won't comment much.....

  32. Sissy..

    I guess that comment was not addressed to again shouldn't answer :)

  33. Samby...

    aaoo aaaoo/...anytime funda lene k liye welcome :)

  34. Nehya....

    I guess I m late to answer the queries...and u r an exception dear..I have deep sense of respect for Blondes and if she is frnd ..she is always top on the list...

    And u know me better...and i know u better..u r always welcome my dear damsel-who-always-manage-to-find-distress.....


  35. Dhanya :P

    u were not there I had none to solve my stress :)

  36. Lena...

    I agree to u word to word

    but it was more sad to find people on the taking side more than giving side...
    I should not be too much worried coz everyone faced sumthing like this always :)

  37. Niddzi..

    I guess I have to read his post..may be I get some tips :)

  38. kaddu

    """"Live for urself first... charity always begins at home. """"

    I so love ur mantra...:P
    really experience do matters :)

    taking a chill pill now :)

  39. Hemu

    naa naa

    u were not rude
    but I was not was just a reminder for people not to take me for granted always...I am also a human being and that too very aggressive in nature :)

    but I m honored that u kept in ur good frnds list :)

  40. Cindy...

    baadh mere comment section mein :O

    arre itne dino mein toh pehli bar koi ladai bina comment likhe gye hai :P

    and blogdom post nhi
    this post was intended for sumone and others expressed except that guy.... so see all in vain

    but I m very glad that so many people turned for helping me ..that make me feel proud :)

    and I agree..and I kno who those few are and believe me I m happy with them :)

  41. hello! im reading ur write up.. and I cant understand.. really.. are u blaming me for something i did or did not do? please help me understand.. im sorry if i have caused u any harm in any way on my blog- but on second thought.. i only write about my chotu on my blog and not anyone else..

  42. arrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    no no

    it was not at all meant for u..... nor it was for chhotu..I only wrote his name because I wanted to link him or better about him from her to my frnds and readers.. coz that day I read how ur husband thought of singing him ABCD for it was just a connection that i inferred...and not a way meant for u...

    I wrote true and that from my heart...that ur blog is a refreshing read.... :)

    and u need not say me sorry...

    please u r making me embarassed...and if u want and I can remove the reference from this post to ur blog :)

  43. nah.. im just trying to understand what this post was about (actually who it was about..) u mention friends from blogville.. i understood till there and then i tried to read on but couldnt get the whole post so that is why im asking..
    u linked my blog.. thanks for that..

  44. heheheehe

    I don't blame was all confused post.... :D..u can call it my signature style or lack of quality of writing sumthing sensible :)

    it was not meant for anyone specific and u can say sumone specific... but naming him or her will unnecessary create much I didn't..but I think message was well conveyed... :)

    and linking ur blog was all my honor.... i really love to read ur blog.... :)

  45. ohh ok.. good that u dont want to mention his/her name,(no point in encouraging trolls) even better if the person in question has understood and knows better how to treat for me.. im glad that i did not hurt u in any manner or form.. thanks for reading my blog.. i really do look forward to ur comments..
    ** heaves a sigh of relief**

  46. Ahhh u better not hurt me..i cry a lot and throw a lot of tantrums :P


    I willdefn keep dropping at ur is sumwhat very refreshing to read about ur son and his mischievous deeds :P

  47. :P
    i guess so :P

    par tu dukhi mat ho inna :)


  48. awwww.... ok ok...but in one condition, if u r not anymore. :)


  49. arre inne din bad toh mujhe yeh bhi yaad nhi ki main kiun dukhi tha :P



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