Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu or Swine Influenza <<< Re-edited

Just a precautionary advice to all of u...

Swine flu has been declared a pandemic of high risk... It is a type A Influenza ..swine influenza A (H1N1)..similar  to Avian Flu or bird flu .... so if u r suffering from flu for more than two days with returning fever and symptoms like fever, lethargy, lack of appetite and check it out...
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And best way to prevent urself from flu is high input of protein in ur least two eggs a day or similar quantity of pulses or milk food for vegetarians...

It is not uncurable...body defn grow response against it but factor is if u r weak ur body might get attacked by ssecondary or oother infection coz whole of ur immune system will be busy fighting Influenza do go to doctor if u think u r suffering from flu....The swine flu is susceptible to four drugs  amantadine, rimantadine, oseltamivir and zanamivir, however, for the 2009 outbreak oseltamivir and zanamivir is recommended.... Already 81 dead in mexico and country close as Japan is on high it is not very far from India.

It is actually a cattle disease ..mainly pig...but pig to human cases and human to human cases have been reported ready for it...

High protein diet.
Consult doctor if flu and fever both occurs.
Avoid eating pigs or pork

*Newedit:  Just to clear ur misconception..unlike Bird-flu.. Swine Flu is air-borne...means it can spread through is more similar to SARS which broke havoc on China and other countries just years ago ... So being a veggie doesn't exclude you from the list..


  1. I don't eat pork... guess I'm safe! LOL! :-p

  2. hmm i have cold ...i dont think its the symptom :P...but nice thing u wrote it up man..lots of people should know it :)..


  3. Yikes. Have been having all the symptoms recently. I don't eat pork though.


  4. Even though I don't eat pork, u scared me enough:(

  5. Even though I don't eat pork, u scared me enough:(

  6. hemanth..
    though India is yet to report its fst case...but I guess we should remain prepared...

  7. Dhanya...

    consult a is not that bad to consult a doc when u r ill and ...eating pork is not the only reason...human to human has already been reported...

  8. Akanksha..

    I guess u r too scared since u emphasized it twice..

    to ur relief ...India's weather condition is not suitable for chances of an outbreak is minimal...

  9. @ I m though safe ... Me a Veggie. :D

    But, thanks for the info. :)

  10. I saw it on the News and tnxx for all the valuable info here bro!

    I feel feverish today *o nos!*...but thats cos of the massive hangover since Sat! Read my latest post :)


  11. Oh aisa kya? I was sick last week (In fact, roughly the same time as that hibernation post remember!) ... hay fever, bad cold, sneezing, body ache n all, but no cough. So I guess it wasn't the swine flu, haan! Anyways, I'm all cured now! :-D

  12. what`s with these veggie idiots that think they are immune?

    i felt a little strange last week for a few days and so i backed off the training and slept in a few mornings but i seem to be fine now.

    each year we get symptoms of flus and colds, but it`s generally the weak and old and already ill that get hit worst....

    ..oh yeah and people who eat politically correct diets.

  13. very good information,
    like the pic

  14. My Sourish, you are even trying to keep us healthy! :) Thanks for the information.. it is catching a lot of people off guard!!!


  15. Nidhi...

    Yeah u may be safe from primary infection what about infection from those jo pork khate hai ??? :P ???

  16. Sissy...
    I read ur post and I kno why u r feeling feverish :P

    no tnxx needed just that people need to take care of thmeselves frm this epidemic...

  17. kaddu :P

    thank god u r ok now if u had contracted swine flu toh mujhe bhi ho jata .... u see we are living just few hours away :P

  18. Dr Alistair...

    People are ignorant about it...actually it is not their fault..indian govt. is so busy saving their ass in this election...they forgot to sound alert... :D ..I hope after that India will take serious step against it... most people think bird flu comes from chicken but sledom they kno that no one is worried about bird from chicken they are worried if it start spreading from human to human then it will be high pandemic...

    and i am happy that u r on safe side of this soon to be pandemic

    and I agee with ur latter points :D

  19. Ne..

    that's what frnds are for...isn't ??

    most people get sick only when they let their guards I thought better to inform them about...

    So how r u my lady ???

  20. toh hai.

    nd read d new edit :((..... mummy bachao.

  21. tum phir rone mat lag jana :P yeh virus bahut zaalim hai :P

    isse chhutti aise nhi mielga :P

  22. I know! Its a bit freaky cos u never know who's carrying the germs...


  23. I hope the carrying patient won;t be in condition to roam and infect others :D

  24. You are scaring me... its freaky seriously.

  25. Inna bhi mat daro...but high protien diet par pakka rehna :)

  26. actually Im not scared by it or as worried as others r...cos I believe if we r gonna catch it, we will, no matter what :)



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