Friday, April 17, 2009

Shoegate Analysis

**** I am not responsible if u r gonna follow my analysis and I am not also not taking responsibility for any political fallouts :P ***

You must be thinking this will be one more analysis on Indian Election...but I am not gonna make u bore with some Poll analysis...even when it was so tragic to see 48 to 50 % votes in main stream state of Maharashtra, Bihar and UP.. it is more tragic to see 19 dead in Naxalite attacks ..paying the cost of the democracy which I don't think anyone respect nowadays.. though I loved the turnouts in insurgent hit states and I am proud to mention my brothers and babes :P who turned out in great numbers to respect the Indian democracy...while the bhaiyas and Bhais of UP, Bihar and Maharashtra thought to sleep it over....

Turning out se yaad aaaya :P


Bhajji and Dhoni Bhaiya didn't turn out to Rashtrapati Bhavan to receive the country's one of the most prestigious award rather they turned out to some endorsement program of cups and balls before turning to South Africa to Play Indian Premier League - 2 ...  Cliche of the Cliches :P..

So what is this analysis all about...

it is about the recent political revolt in Indian democracy...yeah ! I am talking about the Shoegate !!! I learned yesterday  that there is a new terminology called as shoegate for shoe throwing on Leaders  and one spokesperson of BJP was furious when Headline today's anchor used Slippergate for the latest quest of Advani's..he said slipper sounds so cheap...I think they might be disappointed that leader of that stature and chappal..he deserved at least a branded one analysis sounds like watergate scandal... :D

Let us see the main objects under present study

1) Jarnail Singh ka Joota on Chidambaram :

No introduction needed

This is Reebok Trainer..number 9 neat and clean....I think it's new..just bought for this purpose :P

2) Tau ka Joota on Naveen Jindal :

Gosh! it was so Rapidly thrown and Returned back I didn't got any clear pic of it..

oops ! this is not the joota..this a hot chick I found while googling Shoe on Naveen Jindal....
Gosh! She is hot..I am gonna break all rules just to get a ticket from her...Google sumtimes play funny tricks :P..ok coming back to point.... ( Gosh! she is is distracting..she might cause more road accidents than preventing )

Yeah!!  look out the circle to see the purana kala joota...old black shoe :D

3) Slipper on Advani:  

Inne bade neta and Chappal :O ?????...Ridiculous.... Advani was furious with Chappal and thus forgot to read the message behind it  as first told by BJP to Congress :P

Now My research ..hhehehehe Can't Help my Engineering Research Blood sumtimes give such a big push :D

If u see the publicity vs Analysis curve ... with reference to Bush's Shoegate scandal...( Standard cost shoe)

It can be clearly inferred that the Publicity is proportional to the Cost of the Shoe ...

So if anyone is thinking of trying for rapid publicity...go for Woodland or may be Gucci...I am sure the later one can give u internatonal fame...but remember ...don't forget to insure ur shoes..coz  u r not getting them back :D... one ain't always so lucky as Tau who hit Jindal :P

U must be thinking I am endorsing it...Yeah! I am endorsing it...coz when politicians can play politics of caste, murders and genocide in India..we can defn  protest by throwing shoes in our they really don't understand any other language...and btw they themselves throw missiles inside Parliament..remember shoe and chair throwings inside Parliament which led to fixing of chair and tables on floor in parliament :P

Tips For Politicians: Learn from Mayawatiji....She is now speaking inside a Glass Air Conditioned booth in Rallies :P

Trivia : Do u kno the that Bush shoe episode created Hundred jobs :P ????? Go though it :P


  1. ok ok i guess i already said i am apolitical :P

    but throwing shoes wont change anything for sure.. it wont even make them think why it is happening.

    anyways am just dropping by to wish you a great weekend :)

  2. LOL... The girl sure ws distracting...I am straight, alright...but she ws...ummm.... :P :)

    I think slipper was thrown to highlight recession...not everyone wants to throw good quality shoes... they miss the target anyways ;)

    And Bhajji and Dhoni...No comments !@#~$!#%#%!!! :P

  3. LOL ! I dint know Mayawati stands inside booths for that !!!

    Tera dimag aise faltu kaam mein hi kinna acha lagta hai..the charts n everything ! kabhi kabhar sensible kaan bhi kar liyo !!

  4. Lena

    thx for wishing me the weekend >>>i do wish u have a wonderful one too :P

    and abt shoe... :P
    hehehe u don't know fst time...yeah for the fst time politicians are afraid of sumthing apart from internal affairs and stupid publicity assasination threats ... :D

  5. Smriti :P

    control yaar control...uss ladki k pichhe itne bhookhe pyase ladke kam they ki ab tu abhi add ho gyi :D

    chappal and recession...waah kya connection hai..matlab...waah I am speechless...

    *standing ovation*


    and Dhoni bhajji :P ..&&$$^*(&*(^^$%$ I agree :P

  6. Cindy :P

    arre yaar..usne mas niyam banaya hai..that journalists and she should at least have a gap of 100 feet and AC summer rallies is icing on the top :P

    she is a real image of Indian Dalits :P

    arreh mera dimag agar kaam ki chheezo mein lagaoo toh adhi duniya berojgar ho jayegi...aise hi recession kam hai ki tu aur job kam kar rahi hai logo ki :P

    ***showing tongue and making funny faces**

  7. ROFLMAO..this is an awesome analysis it means our politicians only get torn,worn out chappals coz they are worth just that.

  8. hehehehe
    u brought in a new side :P..that's what I call Engineers the logical most brain of the world :P

    i was talking about reverse if u need to get publicity throwing a shoe at those tainted politicians u need to have a good shoe :P

    otherwise media might suppress ur news :P

  9. LOL! Shoe throwing doesn't actually prove anything. The only thing it does is get you arrested ;) I do wish it had hit the desired target though.

  10. damn :P...i read this shoe so many times..everyone will throw shoes into the beach now :P..the gal is distracting me from commenting :(..:P...


  11. Dhanya :D


    No way it can hit...if it hits it miss the purpose of publicity rather it will be a crime :P
    and the news will read..

    Advani injured in a severe slipper missile attack :P

    sounds like a talibani attack :D

    welcome to my blog..

  12. Hemu :O

    i can understand the girl distracting u but why throw the shoe into the beach :O

    chori ho gya toh :O

  13. bro u know Im apolitical but I love reading ur political funny lol! u spotted that chick among all the chaos? HAHA!


  14. can't help is engraved in my genes.. :D

  15. the gal distracted me so much that i had to throw it :P...wat to do ....i wanted to threw away cess's flip flops into the sea :P...


  16. Ha ha ha.. Good one.. You could've included some of the 'punny' stuff the media(and me and some of my friends :D) came up with..
    1. Home Shoed Home (ex Home Minister as well as Current Home Minister you see ;)
    2. Ex Fin Min ready with sho-string budget
    3. The cliched "ShoeGate"
    4. What do Advani and PC have in common? They're "solemates" :P
    5. A shoe-cide attack
    6. One of my favorites - A cartoon of a shoe and a caption that said - "Bush found atleast one WMD from Iraq" !

  17. Ishu

    welcome to my blog...
    those are some funny comments :P but see it was all mathematical post ..and all for the betterment of people who are gonna choose the path of shoe-cide :P

    so can't include all...but I chose the cliche-most ...Shoegate analysis :P but if a new contender comes I will defn reopen my analysis and iclude all ur punny comments :D


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