Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Loner's Anthem

I am standing alone,
People moving by my side.
I am standing alone,
As you gone walking by my side.

I am thinking alone,
People dreaming by my side,
I am thinking alone,
As you've lost  feeling by my side

I am walking alone,
Poeple talking by my side.
I am walking alone,
As you gone laughing by my side,

You came as a shimmering hope,
rekindling in me the light of love.
but I am now alone
as you're long left by my side.

I wanna die alone,
People hating me by my side.
I wanna die alone, 
As my love's crying by my side
                                                         - Sourish Karmakar

This is a new song, I wrote in moments of my loneliness.. I hope this time I come up with a tune soon...
Love u all.....
This a loner's anthem ....dedicated to all the lonely people in the planet.... I hope u get comfort and love soon... and do pray the same for me...... God Bless you


  1. u know wat i going to write a single guys anthem :P...

    man that was some awesome poem..and now i am going to print it out for my desk :D....lovely...and ur not lonely :P..i am here to kick ur ass :P..but we both are still singles :)..


  2. awsome job dere. An amazing piece, and i waiting to listen to full thing with music n stuff. When is this happening anyways??

    I pray for you to lose you singlehood sooner. ;) God bless

  3. Can't wait for the music! Whoa.. didn't know you were a musician of sorts :D

  4. Hemu...

    defn I will be waiting for the anthem..we will sing together ..and may be carve out a territory named single land with a loner state ...and capital as loner city :P

    and thanx for the words of appreciation :)

  5. Nidhi :D

    thanx frnd..but music and stuff nhi sirf guitar k sath and I am a terrible musician...but I hope I will find some tune soon..rite now my mind is too preoccupied...

    this singlehoood is killing me :D

  6. Dhanya :P

    sorry but u have to wait ...I m not a kickass musician :P ..I just play with chords..I hope I find some for it :D

  7. OOOHHHH...that hurts....!!

    Nice work, loneliness is a myth...dude. If your living it, probably it will only make you stronger.

    And don't forget, true love lasts a life time...your love has not left..the person might have..

    p.s: please allow http. url based comment posting. Its allowing me only to use google blogger

  8. hey bro did u read my mind or what? cos this is exactly how Im feeling lately! WOW u said it really beautifully.

    ppl pass me by...laughing, walking, not caring, w.o. a word etc etc...I see them passing by. thats all. they just pass me by.

    whether we like it or not, we r all lone creatures...and yes we die alone too.



  9. We come in this world alone and we go from this world alone. What happens in between is no different, but during that time we are prone to illusions!

  10. Amol

    I agree with u on this point...and that's the reason of pain that love is still there..if it wud have gone with the peson then I wud have been happier :)

    u can use open ID ...
    it is also open....

  11. sissy

    hhehehhe I guess brother and sister do have cosmic connection...

    but I don' wanna be alone when I am dying... :(

  12. d 1st stanza n d last line just ripped my heart apart.

    n d pic is so appropriate. tree-stands alone while everything else move on.

  13. ripped ur heart :O

    u ok na ????

    thanx re.....tu na muft ki tarife karti hai :P


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