Thursday, April 23, 2009

I hate Terrorists......

There is a lot of rush going through bloggerworld and in Tamil Nadu following the war on terrorism SriLankan government fighting against LTTE... People are worried for people of Indian origin getting killed in cross fire..and it is indeed shameful that one of the party called for a bandh today .. a day important in our democracy as the day of election...

I do feel the pain..when an innocent civilian get killed for no reason..irrespective of the language or ethnicity he belongs to..I shouted for IRAQ , afghan and even Pak and now too when i see displaced people in SL ..I do feel the pain....but if we look at the picture we think extremism can win us the tamil rights there...

Do u  justify killing of innocent Sinhalese only because killers are from our origin ??...

When the girl blew up in front of Rajiv Gandhi...Mr. Gandhi was not alone..his body guards who were doing their jobs got killed too...leaving behind a family with no food earner ..children without their father...Tell me what was the fault of  those families whose kins got killed in crossfires or political assassinations by LTTE ....?

Do People think security forces are only for getting killed ???...Don't they have families???...People are fighting for terrorists saying that they belong to our origin so we should save them...why should we save them...they committed crime and now they have to pay for it..

I literally don't see any reason for Srilankan government to stop war against LTTE...if a person kills an innocent he needs to get punished...and they are the one who are using Tamils as human shield...and if u had watched the todays news ...Govt of India is observing the situation closely and civilians are taken to camps...I kno it is harsh for a refugee but for a country like Srilanka which is war torn due to Indian politics ..I guess they are taking the right move..and I am sure they won't be killing civilian in the process..but if operation agains LTTE is stopped then Tamils then too won't find peace coz LTTE will understand the value of Tamil human shield...and will statrt using it more often

My heart goes for all the LANKAN tamils but I guess it is high time to let Srilanka get rid of the LTTE menace forever ....and I plead to Indian Government to help those people who are trapped in crossfire and in refugee camps to get back to their life..

I am sorry if I had been harsh..but I don't support any terrorist even if he is from India...coz I see my father in security force do his duty each day with a life threat ..and I have seen the crying widows who don't have anywhere to go when these terrorists organisation blow away their husband...I hav seen the young girls getting raped by these extremist followed by selling them to bidders for raising money for their organization. and I have seen innocents mutilated by these people....I hate terrorists..


  1. well-said bro!

    I hv nothing to add, cos u wrote it so well and to the point. Terrorism should not be tolerated for ANY REASON AT ALL!


  2. i really dont want to talk abt people who dont value life.they are losers not even terrorists....u have written all that has to be said ..good job :)..

  3. There is no way its to be tolerated. I feel sad, when I see the attempts of Kasab's lawyer to bring twists in the case to save him, I knw as a defence lawyers its his job. But he killed people without evn batting an eyelid and he needs to be punished for it. Sometimes when see or hear about such stuff, I feel like supporting Capital Punishment.

    Your pots brought goosepimples to rise, I knw how it is for the families of the defence personnel. Having 4 people in my family in the defence, I knw how they live each day, in the time of war.

    Its just sad, that the bigger get acknowledged.

  4. yes i agree with you, terrorist has no religion and no family he should be killed and even i will like to add our indian army should go and help Lanka govt to kill the terrorist.

  5. I think the biggest problem here is that nobody (govts etc) really know HOW to put an end to Terrorism. Cos the more u attack them, the more the violence grows.

    Cos Terrorists dun hv a heart and a soul, there's really no solution to it. Sadly, we may get rid of the LTTE/Al Qaida today, but there'll always be a new group of Terrorists forming somewhere else.

    As long as humans continue to walk this Earth, there'll always be Terrorism. Unfortunately.


  6. Sissyy...

    I hope govt. of India don't pressurize them

  7. Hemu...

    i agree with who doesn't give cost to life are indeed monsters

  8. Nidhi..
    Glad to meet a person whose family is dedicating all to defense of our country...

    I agree to u completely on Kasab's trial...the way the defense attorney is proceeding..sometime I feel concerned about his patriotism...wateva he says there is nothing he can say to save him,..but I guess if he indeed is minor he needs to be under juvenile court...but i am damn sure he is not one...

    and defn ur family is in my prayers and wish them a respect from me...

  9. sm.

    I hope govt. won;t do it. las time it did the same ..ajiv gandhi had to face a human bomb...and also the political fallout at the time of election will be too high...

  10. Sissyy..

    I agree to ur words but believe me human morality won't is still the same from centuries.. and it is not gonna be any different in near i guess the best course of action is attacking the terrorist and rehabilitating the displaced victims...

    I am sure lankan govt. is doing the former but I m not very sure of the later as yesterday i saw a satellite footage where it appeared like a soldier trying to round up the refugees shot few bullets and people fell down.....I don;t know what happened but that defn counts as human cruelty...I hope Indian govt. will take up the case with Rajapakse

  11. **soldier trying to round up..

    that footage 'apparently' was of the LTTE using civilians as human shields. well atleast thats what they said...but Im not sure of anything the media says...the truth is known only by the innocent civilians!


  12. yeah i hope so...and that too UN estimates are really bad...... I hope Srilankan govt will take care of this matter....

  13. The problem is, all the reports that come out of Srilanka are fed by the Government. The media, who are the only people who can bring out the real truth, have been banned from the battle area as well as the no fire zone. Even the videos of civilians that you see are that of the Srilankan Army. With such one sided reports it is not right to blame one party alone. When you go look at the LTTE website they say the Srilankan army have captured some 2000 Tamils and are using them as human shield. Which side of the story do you buy?
    The Humanitarian agencies are totally rejecting the Srilankan reports and say the army is responsible for this calamity. So will you say they are lying and are supporting terrorism? If LTTE is a terrorist organization, which I too agree, what about the Srilankan Government which has killed over 400,000 innocent Tamils in 25 years? In the name or eradicating terrorism, you cannot put the lives of 100,000 people on the line.

    The Congress government has been observing these developments all the time. This is the only thing they do. They are party to this calamity!

    We all hate terrorism and what is happening in Srilanka is a state sponsored genocide. The Srilankan army is on a mission to wipe out not only the LTTE but also the entire Tamil race. They are also terrorists!

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  15. Elegance...
    I might have agreed with you but last night i don't know if u had watched or not TIMES NOW was reporting directly just ahead of no fire zone..and the reason they were not allowed was the fear of abduction and land mined which LTTE laid there...

    and when did humanitarian agencies have agreed to anything..when they ae not allowed in no fire they are getting infos...only purpose of these NGOs are to stop the process...and only for them we are facing troubles in Kashmir and north east... and now the naxals are creating the same problem...

    the figure u r giving is in retaliation of LTTE...if u r attacked by semi soveriegn govt. that what LTTE was ..ur supporters are not civilian then..they are citizen of enemy country as they are opposing the ruling of Srilanka.. and if u need the LTTE figures of killing ..U will know that too hwo many civilians have died there...

    and I don't want to term it every sovereign country has rights to defend itself from terrorism...few year ago Bhutan did it...Killing Assamese rebels...did ya protested that eradication of ULFA... ???

  16. I agrre with this write up completly.
    Only petty politician in India dont.

    A terrorist is aterrorist.
    And if they face proble then terror is not solution.Ptherwise Palaestine issue would have long been solved.

    They shd have used trully Gandhian method..peaceful morcha..building world attention to their plight... etc...and the best according to me..educating thesmeleves and gaining finacial strength rather than political strength.

    They shd have become so powerful economically that the Sinhaleees would have cometo their door step withy welcoming folded hand to join mainstream.

  17. I truly admire ur comment fighter. ...i don't know wen the workd will understand the value of Gandhism..we Indians one was interested to give a place to us at world forum but now when we proved ourselves we are sought by each countries as allies... I hope tamil do the same too in Srilanka..and for that Indian govt. do need to help...

  18. I don't even like commenting on blogs when it comes to terrorism so many people take me the wrong way..

    You said it all, you said everything that a lot of people want to say. great job and I HATE TERROR! In any form, Any country...

    G-d Bless


  19. People are more biased towards amnesty ...but very few people who face the brunts of terrorism actually know the reality about it.....

    dad being a CI... I know how it feels to live under the fear of terrorists attacks...

    I hope people understand the need for morale boost of these counter insurgency units soon..

    god bless ya too :)


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