Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HappY new Year

Happy New year to all of u..

oHHH it is Bengali New year today ..known as Poila Boishak...So enjoy urself and god bless u all :)

and tomorrow is Election day ..yippppieeee and this year too I will not get a chance to vote coz I don't trust any of the candidate :P

I love you all who made last year so beautiful and will continue to love u all for making this a happy one :)
Shubho Nababorsher preeti o shubhechha janai... 
It means... 
I wish u love and goodness for this new year.... :)


  1. Happy New Year to you as well :)
    Didnt know you were a bengali?

  2. Shubho Nababorsher preeti o shubhechha janai... ;)

  3. T
    yeah!! I am a bengali and loads of wishes and happiness to ya....

    well the real bouncer will be knowing u r one too...r u by any chance ???

  4. hi dd!!! you bengali??? i love bengalis :P *okay you can stop staring now*
    so happy new year!!!1
    and regarding the voting thing, visit you dont have to stay without voting if you dont like the candidates..

  5. Am not :). Just copied your greeting.
    Whats the song? I really like it.

  6. Happy Bengali New Year to ya bro!


  7. harini
    ahhh! I thought I had a chance :P
    *stopped staring* :D

    and betu abt the voting thing..
    ...don't get influenced by this... it is no where in the constitution... this section 49-0
    This is a bogus thing...

  8. Rose...

    I got that ...wen i read that carefully... :P

    Gosh! it wud have been great if u had been one :P

    but aneways it is still great that u r not one :D

  9. Sisssyy ...

    same to ya :P

    last daY I was watching a episode on baywatch guys in Sydney of NGC ..and i saw u :P

  10. Get out!!! You Bengali?? I thought every "Kar" was associated with Marathis O_O (I need to check my Geo-lessons once again!! :(]

    I didnt know it was Bengali new year, until my BF told me it was....he's a bengali :P :P Now you gotta teach me some bengali too...I need to impress my to-be-maashi maa :P :P :P

    Happy New Year Sweetheart!! :)

  11. @dd,
    lol i am not one bit influenced by this stuff... saw it somewhere so thought u might be..

    //*stopped staring*//
    hmmm... i didnt mind it when it lasted.. *you can continue staring* :P

  12. Smriti :D

    happy new year to ya too..

    oohh bf bengali and u need to impress maashi ma :P

    that is gonna be a tough job teach u benglai :P coz my frnds say that I am terrible bengali speaker :P

    so see.. I am warning u beforehand... :P

    and kar with marathis :D
    I kno I get this a lot :P

    chalo atleast now u kow I am a bengali..ab party do :D

  13. Harini...

    actually we all were influenced last year when it started as some mail campaign and when i inquirred i found no such clause..even Election commision denied having set any clause...

    and sweetheart :P
    Don't flirt with me...I am terribly dangerous to flirt with :P

    * taking hidden glances*

  14. WUT THE...?? lol u saw me WHERE!!!????


  15. if youre dangerous, chup chupke kyun dekh rahe ho?? :P

  16. wo na wo na...main chhup ke hi shikar karta hoon :P

  17. negali as well as nepali too :P
    hapy new yr. damn cute pic.


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