Monday, April 06, 2009

A foodie goody Post

Last two months.... I attended numerous parties...and really had some wonderful time... The party were of Mining Alumnis and recent one was from a Electrical 4th yearite ...
It was so glad to see my little juniors to be settled in such wonderful jobs and seeing them safe in the time of recession is even more pleasing....It was all booze , food and smoke sessions...and apart from  a wonderful time..there is not much to tell..ok ..there are lots of things..but I can' t tell all here....

So for all the food are the few snaps of the parties...just taken random on my cybershot :)

Oh! I forgot to mention about the holi..Mom cooked all those when she was visiting me on holi.. :P
I bought a new pressure cooker for her only to get this..mutton cooked by mom :P
Mining alumnis together in 'Orchid' 
My the Mining party...I wasn't able to take the snap of the Sizzler coz if I had waited then I would have missed eating time sure :P
Reetesh's ..Electrical 4th yearite's Job treat at 'Ming's Garden' ... Reetesh is third from the right among the cute bunch of Electrical  guys..soon to start their lives :) 
I missed taking the food shots..but How cud I miss the Desserts :P ...'Her Highness' :D... she was royal and lovely to eat :P
This is the best dessert...I've ever tasted...'The Sizzling Brownies'
This is what it looks like...when the Chocolate smoke gets's 'Butterscotch on Chocolate brownies dipped in chocolate syrup and served in a hot sizzler plate'...... The combination of cold ice cream with hot chocolate dipped brownie is awesome :P
I hope u must be hungry by  a cordial invitation to all of you to come and visit Varanasi and be my guest..and I promise you to treat with all the above..and even more...
*Ps: Anvita !! I know how hard it must be for you to see the last pic :P while sitting home on diet :P ..the post is dedicated to you..*


  1. OHHHHHhhhhh.... I completely love the sizzling brownies.... but The Dark Temptation of Barista is a complete win-win for me... just cant resist it. :D

  2. Dark temptation


    I m hungry now...but kya kare yaha Barista hai nhi..I have to wait to get kolkata to taste that again...but still for me sizzling brownies win :P


    iska matlab nidhi bhi foodie goody hai ...mmm :P

  3. You are evil !!!

    I was ogling at the mutton curry - mansher jhol aar anno - my my !!!!

    Lucky dog !

  4. cindy


    this is a badla :P

    yaad hai navratra k din ..maine kitna mana kiya tha..par tu khayi hi :P

  5. OMG bro ur such a foody and I love all the pics YUM! I wish I was at ur parties lol!

    Your plate looks quite inviting! Can I hv some? ;-)

    hey bro, btw I changed my template JUST FOR YA...cos u said its hard to read, and I kinda agree with ya too. So I hv a much better one now...check it out when u hv time! And tnxx for the honest feedback :)


  6. lucky :P.....nothing much say here :P...i really wanted to eat something :P


  7. u evil evil evil soul.......

    why n how cud u do this to me.....i havent been to the gym in like a week n n i have been craving for some chocolate n u got me going crazy huh?

    too bad.....i cant just run to get a sizzling browie :(

    but hey thanks for the award n dedicating this post to me....tats very thoughful of u...i have been meaning to wrte a post on that....n u make me wanan do it now.....heheheh

    take care bro n good to see u relishing all this food huh......

    i need to run am hungry now.....

  8. oh! i am reading this post at 1:46 am. ab to ghar mein bhi kuch nahi hoga :( waaaaaaa

    mutton... amio khabo mangsho bhat. :( aar brownie o. waaaaaaaa. ab to raat katne wali hi nahi. waaaaaaaa :(

    waise cyber shot and food! wah kya combo hai. :D

    delicious foody-goody-cybershoty-post. :)

  9. o yes congratulations to ur mining alumnis. at the time of recession getting placed is a blessing.

    i wish all of them a very bright future. n haa tumhe bhi. :)

  10. n i forgt to tell u, even i hv bought a cybershot just very recently. chalo ab wish me congratulations :p

  11. waaah!!! i want a sizzler too!! but ive always eaten it with vanilla ice cream and nt butterscotch !!

  12. Ya..but it was just egg n I cooked it at my place that day, and that any which way wasnt anything like these pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Moron !

  13. sissy

    no need for thanx after all brothers are for that only..they look up to u on their bad moments and look after u on urs :)
    and u r so welcome here to have some from my plate and believe me I will be more than happy to treat u with all the above...

    see... :P

  14. Princess :P


    I knew it...... :D
    yeah! I knew it :P..
    I am missing the hungry angry craving look of urs :P


    and thnanx for the I need to call u Didi... ??? u r senior to me I guess ..isn't ??? or princess is ok..means I loved the word bro and of course the wish... :)

    I will defn check up ur blog :P..

  15. Preeti :P

    hehehehehehe.... I am so loving the craving sensation u had reading the post :P

    and u r welcome anetime here to taste u know I can cook and mom do say better than her...though I don't believe that..but u r welcome and I will treat u with all the things :P

  16. preeti..
    Yeah ! ITBHU is quite privileged in this matter...good luck to them and thanx for the wish :)

  17. Preeti :)

    ahan! cybershot..congrats is awesome camera for beginners like me... so I don't think u r having any troubles..and if u are having contact me...

    and add to the joy..foodie snaps come awesome in cybershots :)..try once

  18. Harini

    fst of all welcome to my blof and secondly an evil grin for ya craving :P

    I tasted my fst sizzler with vanilla only ..but this restuarant serve it with butterscotch...and believe it do taste awesome :P

  19. Cindy :P

    muaahahahahhahaha * evil laugh*

    jo bhi ho ..khayi toh :P ..maine mana kiya tha na :P

    and u don't need to be cordially invited here..huh ???

    come to varanasi...I will cook for u sure shot... :)

    ab ghusa nhi hote *evil grin* ;D

  20. aww now how sweet is that!

    watch out tho, I eat alot lol!


  21. awww.....looks so tasty...specially th emutton

    Mr. bhukkad...thoda bahut humare liye bhi bacha liya hota...

    jabhi aapse millungi...apki toh khair nai!!


  22. I just have to say I can eat brownies in way.. cold, hot, sizzled hahaha I want some BROWNIES!!!!!!!!!!

    This post made me hungry! Damn You Sourish! hahaha

    How are you sweetie???

    See ya around.

  23. i hate u 4 dis...i hav already accumulated more pounds dan required...n u r lurin' me wth al these...

    lovely food!!!

  24. meghna :P

    tum aao toh yaha phir dekho saari cheezo ki treat milegi :P

    pakka se :P

  25. Nehya :D

    same goes for me too :P..I can kill for brownies :P fine shine ...u are ya now :)??

  26. poooja...

    don't hate me for this :(

    all I can do is give u a treat..if u plan to come here :P..but what abt ur diet :P


    I guess I have to take care of ur prob
    mm treat ..prob...

    Idea..I can treat u with seafood..

    oops See-food..I will eat u may see :P

    that will good for u :P..u can pretend that u were eating :D


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