Thursday, April 09, 2009

Current- Affair :P

I was more than intrigued by the following events going sharing them with you....What's ur take on these ???

A) Chidambaram.. Shoe...Jarnail Singh....Media...84 riots....Tytler...Sajjan... victims... votebank ....court...  re-appeal... Communalism... more troubles...

"I forgive him for the bad aim.."
My take : An inquiry need to be setup about the missing  Reebok is a political conspiracy against poor man and his shoe...he was not why the shoe is taken as evidence??? 
Rest other tidbits will remain the same...25 years had passed..ab tak nahi hua toh ab kya hoga???


B) Rakhi Sawant ... Swayamvar .... SRK- Amir- Salman mixture...NDTV imagine... New Drama.... heartbroken me....
Ram- Rakhi ki Jodi ??? 

My take: ***Dialing 100***  "Go and find Mr. Valmiki " ..he must be having a cardiac arrest right now seeing the new age Sita

C) Varun Gandhi...hate speech...BJP ... Communal Tension ... BSP ... NSA ...Maneka Gandhi... Mayawati... Mother Teresa ...
Mother Teresa ka naya Avtar !!!

My take: Wait wait wait.!!!!..Mother Teresa :-O the hell she came in picture ?? Oh no! :p it's our frndly neighbourhood Mayawatiji :P

D) Taliban...Afghanistan..America... Pakistan...Terrorism ... LeT...Kashmir ....Indian Election....Possible attack on Indian poiltical leaders..
Talibani meeting's Agenda: Killing Indian Politicians..Are we doing a favor to India?

My take : After so long, now Taliban is gonna do something good... :D... Do it before elections dumbos... atleast then we can have some good choice to vote upon :P


E) LTTE...Prabhakarn...Srilanka...Army..Tamils..Human Shield...UNO...Tamil Nadu... MDMK.. NSA.. Vaiko giving Threats of Violence.

LTTE ?? Is it an army ??

My take: I never thought some terrorist using Tamils as human Shield are so popular in Tamilnadu :O

F) Obama... 8 day world tour.. So many promises ... Talks.. Increasing popularity...

Koffee with Obama 

My take: If you are not going to fulfill any of ur promise Mr. Obama... we may have an opening at Koffee with Obama for ya... man u talk good :P

** Author don't claim any responsibility for any political fallout and is mere exercising the freedom of expression .. if he has any  :-s**


  1. i was watching this ad by says after 20 years the young cricketers grow into big bat holders 25 years nothing changes in case of the roits ...

    rakhi...sita u kiddin me...she should be sis of swayamvar for her :P..

    no comments abt mayavathi taliban and prabakaran...damn i said no comments and again i commented abt them :P..

    obama is a good intellectual speaker and i really appreciate the way he handles the things :)..


  2. oh god...its been ages since i first commented in ur post...well lucky me :P...


  3. ROFLMAO ---Rakhi as Sita?? :D :D :D :D :D

    I think Ram might opt out of going to Lanka this time to save sita and we might not have diwali :( :( Nahhhiiiiiiiii!!!

    Jarnail singh ka joota ... Koi dhoondh ke laao yaaaar!!

    And coffee with Obama?? Can we expect him to giggle and bitch about Angela Merkel, Sarkozy and Bruni?? :P

    Nice post this was...sorry thodi lazy lazy hoon post karne mein!!! :|

    Kaisa hai?? :)

  4. really nice posr bhai ..and yes terrorists will do us a favour by killing the terrorists(politicians) of our country :P

    love the disclair:P..jarnail singh ka joota kaphi demand mein hain.
    jootoon ki nikal paddi :))

  5. Great Post...

    and for that matter...No Comments... m like so fed up with this ongoin Drama for ages now... but yeah the Chidambram shoe act seems a fake to me too.

  6. lol lol lollll
    so this is exactly how we are screwing things up for ourselves

    and the rakhi sawant part was hilarious!!! loved the way you called for valmikiji :P

  7. hemu

    ye ye u r fst :P

    now gimme a party :P


    i agree with u on all the other points but wud have loved more if u had written anyfink about the the three u dint commented about :P


  8. smriti...

    yaar rakhi ka ad dekh kar hi dimag ka dahi ho jata hai :P
    ram abki baar apne indian police ko FIR karna jayada sahi manega rather than attacking coz police dhoond k toh kabhi nhi la payegi :P

    Obama can certainly do that..have u watched his recent after speech sessions :P

    man he is better than most of the talk show hosts :P

  9. rahul

    reebok k joote hai... :P
    vaddi publiciy mili iss bar reebok ko :P wo bhi muft ki bina media footage k piase diye :P

  10. Nidhi :D

    arre politics se pareshan ho jaog oh entertainment kaise hoga :P

    main toh political news entertainment k liye dkhta hoon...u shud enjoy it ..hai na :P bolly gossips se bhi badhiya hai :P

  11. harini :D

    we can't help it..india is still a third world country and the poor people decides election...and overcoming their will is just a game for the politicians :)

    and abt Valmiki ji

    wo nhi rahe :( mein rakhi unse milne aa gyi unko dusra wala heart attack aa gya :( :D

  12. gr8 post! I m still laughing! U rock!!!
    Blogroled you!

  13. i just realized how totally apolitical i am :D

    maybe thats for the best :)

  14. A very 'political' post bro and I love ur honesty, and that too in the open. Way to go!

    ** I never thought some terrorist using Tamils as human Shield are so popular in Tamilnadu

    I agree. I dun support any kind of genocide, be it politically inclined or thru terrorism! Its a shame to see how some ppl so bravely carry flags that belong to a terror group. Its happening all over AUS too right now, sadly.


  15. abt that Talibans wanting to kill Indian politicians...its still not something u should be happy abt bro lol!


  16. Lena :D

    hehehe ..i was one but things changed when I bought a TV....every channel is full of politics...even the reality shows are not real... :D

    then I thought why not get entertained by it only :P

    and see how entertaining news can be :P

  17. Sisyy

    thanx sis...

    yeah TV is full of these...I was just amazed with the fact why only wen election is in india that leaders are thinking of genocides and thinking of protesting...where were they wen really genoides was going....

    genocide politics are indeed shameful :(

  18. Sissy :P

    hehehehe I kno..and its not gonna happen coz some brave Indians are there as their security details who will lay down their life before those corrupt wastes of society get touched..long live security forces :)

  19. u donned a hot new SRK look? wud u take that as a compliment or as an insult? LOL cos I know most guys dun like SRK.

    But I do! :)

    **why only wen election is in india that leaders are thinking of genocides and thinking of protesting

    Thats cos most politicians r vote-driven and after they win, nothing is solved.


  20. Sissyy

    heheheheh john to SRk is kinnda detoriation or change it is tough to say
    but I m damn sure u will like my even the horrible most pic :P coz u love me so much


    damn ! if had got u before I wud have been on cloud 9 ever since then :P

    and the politiians are need ed to be kicked on their asses...they have forgot everything in the world :P

  21. **john to SRk is kinnda detoriation

    LOL haha no I dun see it that way at all bro!

    a blend of John and SRK is certainly unique and u should be on cloud 9 by default! :)


  22. Cloud 9 :O

    oooh I was there but Bryan adams was already there...i took the autograph and returned back :D


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