Monday, April 20, 2009

Boys don't cry

A typical Saying that I always hear is " Boys don't Cry"

Only the girls have license to feel bad  about something and express with emotion ..boys are supposed to be emotionless brats....
we do feel lonely ...we do feel pain when our love dumps us...and it is not always our fault...
we do crave for the touch of love wen we watch something romantic...and we are not freaking perverts at least not more than girls...if a girl is curious..ohh! she is young and curious and if a boy is...he gets a title of pervert going before his name...
It is not our fault that nature designed us more like a hunter accurate with prediction and calculations so as to help us hunting for food rather making us good in literature and expressions so as to maintain the home. ..

Girls can say wonderful poems ...use literary quotes to express their love and how pig the male was when he dumped her..but we so unable to express in words are often quoted is indeed his fault that the girl dumped him... if  she sheds  tears then it is so touchy and if we shed one...ohhh! see he is again crying his crocodile tears...

Love is beautiful and we long for a tender touch too..but I guess I do have to get on adjusted with the fact that
Boy's don't cry....But believe me I do need a cry and I do need some warmth...

Don't worry..I will be fine....


  1. who said all this bro? Atleast i dun think that its only girls who r entitled to tears, feeling bad, expressing sorrow and feeling sorry for. o cmon u know that!

    **Only the girls have license to feel bad about something and express with emotion ..boys are supposed to be emotionless brats

    whoever who thinks like that cant be a fair person. I believe that boys DO cry and they DO need warmth as much as girls do...and I like boys who cry...cos they're 'man' enough to FEEL.



  2. that was such a touchy-touchy post!! and come on, its so lame if anyone said that or felt that way. a girl like that just doesnt deserve you. tell her to go get a life and marry a sumo wrestler or somebody..
    i for one would never love a guy who doesnt cry. if seeing his girl cry doesn't bring tears to his eyes, what sort of guy would he be? how would he ever understand her, leave alone love her.
    the whole "boys dont cry thing makes no sense" or even if it does, maybe boys dont cry, but true MEN do.
    so cheer up DD!! :D

  3. lol :P...i cried when cess it rong to do that now license given to gals so they can only cry ....:P..

    u know this post touchy...but u should be normal do u want any chilli to get the tears now :)...just smile ok :)..


  4. I don't think boys openly showing their emotions is a bad thing. It's quite ok actually :)

  5. Honey, bless your heart. Men do cry and they are allowed. I wish I was there to let you cry in my arms.

    Fuck whoever does not think that you don't have feelings, Men in general. It is not good to always cry alone and I know how you feel I have been there, thinking I did not need to cry so I would not feel down or weak.

    Cry, Let it out and I say tell them to kiss your ass.

    p.s I love your song you have playing I am going listen to it and cry I think I have some tears that need to be let out.

  6. Sissy...

    I don't know...why I wrote this post and why m i all in tears now...

    I just want a closure but ..

    every day and night is pain and if i go weak..I am laughed at and if i don't these tears are tearing me apart...
    ahhhh talkinng rubbish again :(

  7. Harini :D

    marrying a sumo wrestler :pray that
    u just managed to cheer me up with comment...
    I just hope people get to think like u...
    I too thought the same that if u don't cry with her tears it is inhumane but...I guesss i was wrong...

  8. Hemu..

    hehehe u cried when cessy left ???/
    heheheh wat did she do :P

    No bro..I will use a shower instead ... :)

  9. Dhanya...

    I don't know... people don't think like u...I thought I can escape but it searches u and haunts u back...

  10. Chan...

    thanx a is so nice of u ..I so wish u have been here... but in India u can't let people kiss the will be all taken in gayish sense... :)


    I am ok now..but sometimes it is just unbearable..I don't express much of my emotions..but I was feeling it unbearable to not letting it out..
    I need a closure..though it came from her side..but still i am so devoid of it...

    This song is real is one of my favrite when i do a shower cry...Evanescence is just so is 'My immortal'..if u need the song I will be more than glad to mail it to u :)..

  11. Oyeeee!!!!!

    long time no see!!! kithey hai???

    tu itna senti kab se hone laga oye?

    PS - like the display picture, just noticed:D:D

  12. Who says boys don't cry!! I cry! Humans cry! All those who have a hear do cry!

  13. Vanila

    senti hona control mein kaha hota hai re :P

    and DP pasand aaya :P
    lol fst hai jisne yeh kaha baki sab toh gunda keh rahe hai :P

  14. Darshan...

    I got ur point howz ur exams going ??? are they over ??

  15. hehe...

    jab dard nahi tha sene me
    tab khak maza tha jeene me
    abke shayad hum bhi roo de
    sawan ke mahine me...

    cheer up dude!!

    of course boyz can cry...just not in front of everybody...that's the way the society sees us.

  16. waaaah... kya lines the... :D

    I got ur point .. chpke chupke raat din aanso bahana yaad hai... :D

  17. aree who said boys dont cry . they cry but they cry secretly. they always wanna show they are strong and thy are indeed. boys royenge toh gal ko kaun samhalega. n u knw gals are too emotional. so guy frens are always helpful.
    agar tu roye toh mujhe bulalena. i will sing a song and u will laugh!!! :)

  18. Nidhi..

    boys bhi emotional hote hai and kabhi kabhi reverse role play bhi karna chaiye :P

    but defn I will next time call u ...maine rote hue ko gana sunane ka concept pehli baar suna hai :P

    thnx for the comforting words..and I will like to add that I am allright now... :)

  19. Very touching


    Boys cry..Men Don't
    Be a MAN!


  20. contrasting comments :O


    I am not crying now... :)

  21. Such a relief agains the cliched "only girls cry" concept.. good one.. Just a doubt - how do I turn off the music on your blogpage? I dont see any control to do so :)

  22. lol...

    yeah it is indeed against the cliche:P

    oohh 2 nd colmn from the left...after itbhu blogger there is abig button of pause...

    just click it and it will is imeem player...


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