Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wed-Reviews - RocknRolla , My Best Friend's girl, The Guitar

As I promised to Movie-goers, here is the second edition of Wed-Reviews, I know My Slumdog Millionaire review was not taken up so good, but I regret to admit that none of the people understood my view. I did recommended it and that’s why it is in my review section, but I didn’t like the script that much at least not over the The Dark Knight. But I admired direction, lead actor, music….anyways get over it and go through these flicks to be kept in ur watch list.


It is a Keshi movie… lol …a fast moving action crime film which I m sure u will admire, guys have fascination for crime lords as their ideal hero and girls have their weakness for crimelords and if it is one British, they love it more than anything. Recently I discovered meself that Brits are so cute wen they speak their accents…every word in such a detail….i just envy them :P ..okay coming to the point…excellent script and awesome direction, and as usual wonderful British actors. It is made on the tagline in crime world coincidences are the only thing which is common. It is fast paced, full of style and full of action. I loved it and I know you will love it too..Ohh I forgot to is  a Guy Ritchie Movie..if u kno wat I mean.... :)

My Best friend’s girl

It is Nehya’s and Mine category,,,yeah it is a chicky flick, an ulti romantic comedy, and you will love this movie. Storyline is bit old and u must had watched a few like this for sure, but the the funny moments in this movies are too good. Story doesn’t have much weight but it is an ultimate entertainer. There is nothing to dislike the movie..u will smile a lot , u feel find it funny and yet u will be entertained and that’s for sure. the theme is a guy who works professionally to be a bad date so that any girl if trying to leave her previous for change ..runs away back to her old was funny indeed :P

Happy go lucky is still in my “To watch” list …it is there in my laptop but I din’t find time to watch it ..blame it on my busy schedule.

The Guitar

It is an adult movie, based on the theme of loving urself and how a woman who was on death bed came out of it only by loving herself, The theme was good , so was the direction but not for the kids..coz not only it is beyond their understanding is full of nudity… So watch it with caution…coz it is kindda movie which you will like to watch alone without feeling embarrassed or heated up in the course of the movie. The movie is slow.. but the theme is good. It falls in a different genre and if u r interested to spend time on a intellectual movie then you must see it…I liked it…for both the reasons…the theme and the ultra hot actress :P


  1. So Keshi is a crime lover? LOL bro tnxx for that superb reputation hahahaha!

    **My Best friend’s girl

    Now I'd say that MY movie! I really wanna see that one :)

    o hang on, I belong to The Guitar category actually! Cos its audlt n all LOL!

    I wanna see all of em...sounds like really good movies. tnxx bro!

    btw come n take part in my current post for a chance to flat with me


  2. pahale ek naya poem post karo tabhi will read this wala post. :X :p

    nahi actually abhi inne sare sundar sunder poems padhne ke baad man ni kar ra movie reviews padhne ka. sorry. will read soon..may be tomorrow.

    gud nite n tc :)

  3. Sissy........

    u told urself that u love fast paced..full of action... :P

    I m kind of entertainment I don't go by genre ...i just love them if they have theme and it is in understandable english ....

    You can watch all the movies..and that's the beauty of Wed-Reviews. I include only the best...

    I will defn come to ur post.... :P

  4. Preeti....

    arree mujhe inferiorirty complex hoi gawa hai...ab humse kono kavita naaahi hoi pawat hai :P

    toh bhi hum koshishwa kari :P

  5. preeti ek aur kavita hai usko padho phir review padh lena :P

    wo the potries tag mein naya add kiya..wo miss ho gya tha :P :P

  6. i saw my bestfrnds gal :P...

    rock n rolla i have to see it its in the process of download..:P...nice reviews dude :)..rock it....

    P.S: pls reply to the mail i sent asap..


  7. Hey what connection u use for internet..

    u have a pvt internet ?
    don't they charge for downloads ???

    ok !! I mailed ya that..sorry i forgot to mail ya before....

  8. i think i should check out RocknRolla...sounds like fun.

  9. HEY! I am here lol sorry that it took me so long to get here.. I feel so honored I made it into your blog! My name on YOUR BLOG!!

    OH and yes I have to say I am a chick flick gal! I am going to rent that movie like asap because you are the one that recommended it! Oh THE Guitar I can really get into. You have to love yourself or nothing else falls into place in your life!!!

    Be GOOD Sourish!!

  10. ty Bro!

    I guess Im so different than who u think I am :)


  11. Nilambari...

    yeah it is worth checking out....i loved it a lot

  12. Nehya...

    you are here in my blog...that's wat is called an honor :P


    yeah i kno u r in chick flicks big time...Oh! if ya gonna check out Nick & Norah;s infinite playlist... it is also a cute chick flick...

  13. Siisyyyyyy

    u r not different..u just don't kno who u r :P

  14. i have a broad band connection..i dont get charged for anything..and i download more then 10 movies a week :)..


  15. Thank you...kepp up the good work....


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