Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wed-Reviews - Seven Pounds, Gran Torino , Slumdog Millionaire

As I promised, here is the Wed-Review's first edition about three Hollywood Movies. You are welcome if you need to know about any movie on ur watchlist..

Seven Pounds

I was lucky enough to watch its screener, as my dad got a pass, and as I expected the hall turned empty and full of gossip soon. Yeah I was lucky to get the pass, but was unlucky to sit among the armed forces personals.
So you can understand that the movie is slow, but I liked its pace. It moved slow with different stories moving simultaneously with Will Smith playing an IRS agent as the only connection in between, who is helping different people within his ability. The movie is not remarkable in its starting phase but in the end wen every strings get attached , u will long to see the movie once more and then u will regret that you left the movie's maximum part unnoticed... and I saw it twice on the same day ....and believe me I cried both the times.

The Movie is soft, romantic , emotional but it is go to watch the movie feel the movie not for getting entertainment but it will be one at the end.
The direction, script, and Will Smith were fabulous and so is the camera work and the excellent background music takes the movie altogether in dreamy land.
I know you will love the movie...but if u r not in slow pace mode...then it is not for you, but still I would recommend you to watch it for the excellent script, acting, screenplay and direction.

Gran Torino

I watched it only because of Clint Eastwood and believe me he was as awesome as always. This movie is very slow and contrary to it's genre of action crime and violence, it is actually a movie revolving around the determination of a person to fight the evil of the society simultaneously  fighting the guilt of his previous actions and his falling health. The movie is about a old war veteran living in a neighbourhood full of gangs who are spoiling the local youngs to join the gangs, who comes in contact with a Vietnamese family and helps a scared submissive boy to fight for his own rights.

The movie is slow, script needed a bit work, acting was awesome and direction was satisfactory,I won't recommend you to watch it but if U r a Clint Eastwood's fan, u won't regret a  penny for watching the movie, watching him in motion picture is itself a reward and will hold you throughout the movie and believe me even I felt the movie to be ouuta any story and pace, I liked the movie because Clint was in it. So watch it at ur own risk but if u r Clint Eastwood's fan, noone can stop u :D

Slumdog Millionaire.

An overrated movie(IMDB Review I wrote)......and believe me if it din't had the Foreign Director it won't had got the recognition that it is getting now...Some guy wrote in review that the director know India so well but all I could see that he knew only one thing that India is a poor country. he could had made the same movie anywhere in the world where poverty is, coz it was nuthing commendable in the script. The script lacked reality altogether, where in some points u will find that script writer forcibly added situations to prove his point. This is a story about a boy  who won a quiz show which was occuring LIVE contrary to wat happens and he was tortured by Police with no reason in between where he tells about the answers and how he knew them. It won't had got the award if it had been made by any Indian director.

But the movie was excellent in the music score, so was the direction, and beautiful was the camera work and screenplay. One thing commendable in the movie was the lead actors playing the main character..simply awesome ...but the casting of other characters were lacking the shine, but I think the main lead just overshadowed every other flaws in the casting. A.R. Rehman was awesome and so was Danny Boyle in Direction but I hate to admit that the golden globe for script was a poor decision..

Overall, the Movie is doubt well paced...but if don't go with expectations will appreciate the movie in all aspects. Just to be clear, I m not saying not to watch it but I m saying watch it definitely but not with the awards in mind. Go simply and u will be entertained.


  1. the only thing i liked about slumdog millionaire was the music...overall a pretty average script and cast.

  2. that's wat i was saying...

    in hollywood showing poverty wins :)

  3. Nice I wanna watch Seven Pounds :)

    I agree on your review of Slumdog...sure its overhyped...and yes, music was good and the direction was neat. More than the adult characters, I liked the kids better. I am happy for AR Rahman more than anything else about the whole deal (was really pissed off with Anil Kapoor)

  4. Have heard Seven Pound's story, and it fascinated me... I love intriguing movies. :D

    The other two, I haven't watched, so no comments.

  5. A friend mine told the same thing abt Seven Pounds..thats it slow. Im not sure I'll see it...cos I hate sitting for hours waiting for something to happen...yes Im hyper lol!

    u cried both the times? WOW I didnt know my bro was so emotional :) Nice!

    Clint Eastwood is my dad's fav actor!

    SM - thats another one I wanna see...why didnt u go with me? :(


  6. Smriti....

    seven pounds is a nice experience u won't regret watching it..but yeah it is slow...but it will keep u in ur seat whole time

    The only good thing abt S M is it's music and the kid who played the lead in the all are overhyped... I hated Anil too...but I loved the camera work..u remember the fst scene wen they were running from police in their was a beautiful piece of work...

  7. Alok..

    I wud reco u to watch seven pounds defn and so do sumdog but with slumdog ..don't go with expectation...

  8. Sissy

    Seven pounds is slow defn but U will defn not regret watching it...that's my surity coz may be the movie is slow but the plot keeps on revolving is just that the connection u will get not till the end between the plots... do watch it ..

    Clint Eastwood is mine too..he is like a God figure to me...and then comes Al Pacino..

    and SM ..sorry siisyy...
    I went with a pass...and it was to give my frnd's sister company...she dint want to go alone to the screeing... so I accompanied her..and she has hots for I dint wasted the chance... :D

  9. Sissy
    btw if u want to watch a fast flick...u can watch BODY OF's anti terrorist and CIA flick...and a RIDLEY SCOTT u wil like it..

  10. aww ty bro! u know Im quite FAST!

    **and she has hots for I dint wasted the chance

    haha! ur such an opportunist...not a bad thing at all when it comes to SCORING! ;-)


  11. Sahi hai... :)

    Kal maine Hot Fuzz dekhi...No Fizz in Fuzz..Grrrr...isse achha to Mangal Pandey dekh leti...same effect hota... :P

    Happy Go Lucky kaisi hai? Any idea??

  12. sissyy

    lol.... is not abt is about loosing the label of singleness for a while ...keeping ur image straight that ..yeah i can have girls anytime... :D

  13. hot

    par uska lead character bahut sahi hai :P..plot was utter rubbish...but lead was cute....

    happy go lucky comedy flick hai...achi hai..means u can watch without regret but kinnda foolish jyada expect karke mat dekhna :P

  14. I wonder if Slumdog Millionaire, made by an Indian guy, wud have won any Golden Globes!

    Hollywood I feel is quite biased!

  15. DIDI

    I agreee with you fully on this...
    ek dum faltoo script thi...achha entertainment tha par ek non researched script and the english he was talking... gosh it was so unreal...fairy tale type ka tha...

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. slumdog millionaire overhyped? darn but ill watch it nonetheless...anyways the music is excellect...JAI HO:)

  18. hmm high time I do that too ha? ;-)


  19. sissyy

    sure sure... :P will be waiting to hear the news

  20. Nilambari...

    Do watch it ..but as I said..don't go with any expectation and I agree..Music is real good :)

  21. i watched slumdog millionaire yesterday, pretty good actually. But i think many of my indian friends go with some false pride here. It is not like it showed some unrealistic things, didnt it?
    And yet it does not diminish the entire progress of India in the last years. Everyone knows anyways that indian economy is growing immensely, and yet everyone knows that poverty still remains the big problem out there.
    So i guess the movie deserves the appreciation it has got :)

  22. Thanks for the other two reviews...hope you keep doing this...

    just a note on slumdog...

    script I agree - some areas were forced...but being from bombay - the places and the scenarios he has captured - could only be done by a foreign director....anyone local would have been biased....i think is not poverty per se but the boldness of showing it as is is what is commendable....

    (and you know my love for bombay - I would be the first one to oppose it if it were not honest)

  23. Lena....

    I agree with you fully on this that's why I said watch it but with no expectations...
    the poverty the gangs the prostitution the riots every thing was depicted very beautifully .i agree to that..but there were certain flaws in the script that I pointed out....all i said was that the award for the script was not that good when you the Dark knight in said is a good movie

  24. Ceedy bhai...

    Honest toh tha defnitely but aapko lagta nhi hai ki too much amount of matter was forced inside...and i thought it was made for getting awards only....see every damn bad aspects of a society they have carved..and u kno a social film always get the award....there were several instances when the boy said I kno wat is in 100 dollar but not 1000 rs note how he spent his 100 dollars..without going to exchange....

  25. Well what you say is exactly what I meant by being biased....we living in these conditions have taken for granted that they exist and really get disturbed when they are portrayed...but for an outsider he is awed and fascinated that things still work in spite of this....

    SO i dont think it was forced...we had a movie called Traffic Signal - from was a good story..but never even skimmed the reality and plight of these children....

    As far as script is concerned...I would like to read the book and see the reference...if it was there...

  26. nice reviews sourish ji, :)

    i want to watch slumdog. yes i hv heard the same things abt d movie. it has marketed poverty.

    but yes i loved d music n dreams on fire is one of my favs. :)

  27. :P...i watched all the movies...:)..well seven pounds is little slow indeed :P...everyone has hots on u god..u must be hitch :P...

    btw i need ur email id asap...need to talk urgent ...just leave a comment in my blog :P..


  28. bhai....

    if u show the bad aspect of it..i think it is good...but marketing it is similar to that foreigner who come to India to click photos with the poor guy to sho his humanity...

    I agree that with traffic doubt abt it...
    and I did liked the movie but wat I say is it is overhyped..there are several movies like that...and i din't liked it getting a script award over The Dark Knight....

  29. preeti...

    yeah do watch the is nuthing bad but a bit overhyped :P

    and no doubt the music is awesome :)

  30. Hemanth..

    dropped my id there...collect and delete it :)

  31. Gran Torino! ahhhh!! Clint has it going on! He is just I dunno Awesome!

    I have not seen seven pounds! I need to see that... slumdog, is something I very much need to see because everyone is talking about it!!

    Be good!


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