Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Please help me :(

I kno new year blog post shudn't be all whining but I m sure U won't feel the tragedy of my life in this comedy  :P..So go and read...oh by the way this post is open to all :P 
So wat do you think I should do??? arranged marriage or love marriage?????.or shud I stay single forever... ??
For those who are gonna suggest me love please explain ( if u ever read the shits I write here :D) after going through my past affairs which are in short as follows
I’ve been dumped by many and these were the last few words of those who claimed they loved me once …

I - left me because I was coward and I din’t had the courage to runaway when I was 18 with her being 18 too..and she was so unhappy with me that she had to give her life for that.

M - left me because I was too possessive and she felt suffocated with my love and attention

P - left me because I thought of being a little less possessive to her to save the relation and she said.. “ Damn! Even one loves their dog  more than wat you do to me.”

B -  Dumped me…hmmm why? I was not faithful as per her or maybe she had her reasons and she went away from my life and sooner she found enough reasons to hate me and eventually shouted out “ I don’t wanna be ur fucking love anymore” and few days before she was so annoyed with my mail that she blasted out “ I am married now " which can be translated as  .. “ don’t bother me anymore...I am happy without you”…coz I know she ain't married... though she never forgets to google her name to come to my blogpage and for that I never lose the hope that one day she might forgive me and we become frnds once more.

S - My old readers might remember that she  was the last one I was seeing… I went to a far town to meet her and the day when I was going to write here about my trip and wonderful date with her..she dumped me …so u never actually got to know about the trip and the girl coz she dumped me before that and her last words were “Why don’t you forgive and forget me??” which can be translated as “ Mujhe maaf karo and bhagwan k liye mera pichha chhor do.”  LoL  and for my firangi frnds the proper words ..can be like…  “stop chasing me for god sake!”. Lol ..I need to stop being a chasing dog every time wen someone dumps me...Oh! She used to love me wen she was just a plain gal but now wen she is a “Gonna be MBA” and as she is a daughter of a veteran Finance guru….I don’t think I come anywhere close to her and her ambitions now..and the other reasons like the ones she said I won’t understand ..so she dint  want to waste her precious time to tell me….

I think I m jinxed!!! Am I ? Shit!!! Now I have to wear stones too :P..but guess wat.. I might have to wear boulders to change my luck coz I doubt those lil stones on my fingers can do anthing except helping me scratch my back……..Oh Shit!!!!! I forgot to tell that I look obnoxious too… I forgot that to mention with the context of S….. S even said to me on our date but I failed to catch those as it were sugar coated and I was too blind with the context of love of loving the inner self, to see that …:P…truly it is hard to find unconditional love :D

First I used to blame the gals for dumping me but I think may be the faulty one is me or wait!!!!!! May be it is correct in saying that even the girls don’t know what they want….(Please refer PS. I love you before suing me :P)..

And by the way!!!! I’ve seen cute boys being chased by beautiful damsels here in blogworld…. why the hell no one chases me … I am single  :P and I kno.. u won’t believe ..I m virgin too….lol …if it helps… :P lol..I need to visit a doc ..I’ve gone crazy… :P

So tell me should I keep looking for the girl made for me or shud I marry one of the gals my mom found for me outta nowhere??? coz I m feeling too alone nowadays….and it hurts a lot wen so many pople leave you to cry and dry out ur love....


  1. my god so many gals :P..i to am single :P...so obviosly i to need help :P...i dont have stories to tell but i to need one...so i to need help :)...


  2. Hey Sourish,

    Tricky thing this love....I always is its way too over-hyped feeling...Everyone wants it..not everyone gets it. I see two of my cousins who got married for love last year...one is happy, other isnt. Another cousin got dumped 3 yrs ago and then married someone his parents chose and he is more in love with his wife than any of his previous affairs. So you never know ;)

    I'd say, dont give up hope on yourself...love yourself for who you are...I know a relationship gives u a good feeling... then again, everything needs a little bit of time and understanding. Confused?? You'll get it with time :)

    About galz chasing guys on blogosphere...WHERE????? :D Anyways from me to you, here's a lil hug to cheer u up.... so...HUGZZZ >:D<

    Take care :)

  3. and u still a virgin after so many affairs :O

  4. Honestly there is no answer - both are a gamble...

    Only thing is stop skirt chasing...really...all you are doing is degrading your sanity and thats why this question and the post....(you wanted an honest answer I guess)

    First get your act together...discipline yourself and then the right person will emerge....

    sorry if this sounded harsh....

  5. hemu

    this space here was for my whining :P dumbo why are u whining here instead of me....... :P lol


    bro...don worry...bhagwan k ghar der hai andher nhi...

    gosh ! i saved that line for me :P


  6. Smriti

    so shweeet of ya

    *hugz* >:D<

    yeah! I was thinking of arrange marriage is priority..coz my mom dad are living so happily even after so many years... but my notion broke ween i go to kno they too had a love marraige and they never told me since few years back....lol

    I get your point..i do love myself ...u kno I even had changed one sideview mirror of my bike to focus my face...gosh i look handsome on that :P


    thx for the comfort

  7. khanna...

    inni saari ladkiyan aur fir bhi main kunwara dulha :P

    soch kitni buri halat hai meri ..mujhe apna PR improve karna hoyega :P


    virginity ko lekar has mat...tu bhi kabhi virgin tha :P

    arrre kya mst serial title ban gya ...ekta sunegi toh pakka utha legi :P

  8. Ceedy bhai....

    bhai skirt chasing..... :O



    mujh mein yeh buri adaat toh hai :P

    waise aapka suggestion sahi hai...par bhai jyada discipline rahoonga toh baba ramdev ban jaonga..for toh aur bhi ladkiyan nhi patengi :P

    waise btw
    yeh ek crazy post hi tha...so insanity degradation toh hoyega hi... :P

    aaap buss gussa mat karo :P

  9. Oh boy....so many gals...n u say u r still a virgin....!!!!!
    *coughs coughs*
    i wud say dun degrade urself by gettin dumped by stupid gals so REGULARLY....
    arranged marriage seems 2 b a feasible option but u shd 2 tell ur parents dat 1st u wud need 2 spend sm quality tym wid d gal f der choice n den if it works out u ll go 4 it...

  10. pragnya


    u can say that I was not experimenting much before settloing down finally..blame my moral ethics :D..even i m blaming it :D
    so ur suggestion is courtship...hmmm that's not bad..but wat if she hid her claw then and scratch me after the marriage... :D


    but I liked ur suggestion...so honest...

  11. It all depends on when you wanna get married you know.

    If you wanna get married NOW and there is no girl in the picture, then you might have to have a marriage arranged for you. If you are in no rush, then wait till you fall in love with someone who also feels the same for you!

  12. hmmm.. this is tricky. very tricky. There is one solution to your problem. I would say, Forget about relationships. Just forget that you have to be in a relationship to stay happy.

    Love is different. The more you try to capture it, the more further will it go. Stay with your friends and have fun. It's only when you are reallly happy, you'll find your true love. Believe in Destiny? :)

  13. WB Bro I missed u so very much! *HUGZ*

    awww ur in a dilemma abt Marriage? well ur asking the wrong chick here lol! Cos Im jinxed too...my love-life suxx big time. I was never lucky in love. Every time I had a BF, something DUMB happens and it all ends leaving me shattered. :)

    Now I hv been living as a single girl for a long time..and I can tell u I hv lived the best years of my life being single :) Im not trying to say that u should be single too. This is just MY experience with love n r'ships. I think Im not cut out for Marriage. God designed me to be single, cos thats when Im the happiest and the freeest :)

    In ur case, only YOU can make that decision. Go with what your HEART says.



  14. sourieieie

    wow itni saari.....aapka toh javaab nahi, i wish i atleast found one proper guy for that matter:D:D

    well i know how it feels, you feel lonely especially when you see your friends getting married and ur stuck with no one.

    About this shaadi thing, its a personal thing, i think it depends. But to be very honest, i think most people who have dated so many gurls end up in an arranged marriage!!

    No harm re, check the gurls ur mom proposes!! donno side se win win situation na....u like anyone, go ahead! If not, bye bol!!

    Sorry thoda later hui, but univ has been keeping me on my feet re, will be infrequent but will visit always:)

    take care and happy new year, hope you find the chick who clicks:D:D

    sorry pura essay likh diya:D:D

  15. Chuck all this crap for sometime,bhai..
    Love isn't anything bad..but when you get your true SoulMate there is something about her that will ping you inside and you will fell that SHE is the one. (Just an inspiration frm Brida)..
    Its no use going for lasses who're not exactly interested in getting intimidated..its better that you go mild with commmitments..and even if someone calls you a bastard..you know you ain't one. Love yourself!
    And don't go back to people who unecessarily yap anything..have some self respect..and be egoistic as well!
    But anyway..its okay..sabke saath hota hai!..zindagi hai..so just frm my side..a biiiiiiiiiiig hug to you!..chheer upp!

  16. maybe those were just wrong girls..
    you cant seriously ask for advice on this topic. thats soething which would be your life, so it is only yours decision.
    Maybe you just got to listen to the girl.. to understand what exactly she needs.. or if still having doubts, talk to her about it. Everything should be talked over before it is too late..

    Good luck, hope in the new year it works out for you :)

  17. Sneha

    welcome ..it's been long since I last seen u...and ur help was really needed

    so u r saying stay with the circumstances...abhi karni hai toh mummy ki pasand nhi to wait to get the rite girl....

    apna solution kaha diya ..apne toh reality batayi :(

  18. Shwetz

    i believe in destiny...only problem is destiny don't kno i believe it :D

    do u think staying single forever will help me :-s

    I m more confused.. though u r so correct that love is like sand more u try to grip it..more quickly it slips away..

  19. Sissy....


    noone is jinxed like me...I get love and it soon get's away...if I count all the girls in my life who had pledged me love..i m not a day single anytime ....but yeah the if u consider the number of girls...u will find the number to be infinite...

    have u seen that movie ..I forgot the name...the guy was jinxed and whoever slept with him got married to a dream date of her..and he stayed single :P

    heheheh...I won't be able to stay single forever :P but if I do ;-s then defn help me with loads of tips


  20. heya vanilla :P

    koi nhi re padhai karo..the one thing I always admire is the concentration towards studies...so mann laga ke padho...

    haan re ladki dekh raha hoon... par abhi bhi koi settle hone k plans nhi hai...
    so ......

    aur rahi baat....love ki toh tera option khula hai na...kabhi haan karne wali hai tu ????


    best of luck for padhai shadhai...and theek se university jana..proffs k sath jyada pranks nhi khelna..nhi toh ladddo baitha denge


    and do dropping by nhi toh canada aake ...... grrr ..samjhi na :P

    and I loved ur essay :P

  21. lol...u saved the line and gave it to me :P....well in my view lets say arranged wud be good...if the love continues in the arranged...i know many love marriages getting screwed up then arranged..so better go for a gal in ur mom's view :)....and ya i added u in orkut ...wen the hell are u goin accept the request :P...ur goin to get some serious kickings..


  22. aayushi

    alley my shwweety sis

    thanx for the hugz

    ek hugz meri taraf se bhi


    Yeah I second u on this..one shud always love himself and par mere saath na ek problem hai ki wo na..mera heart har doosri ladki par ping karta hai....mujhe lagta hai late teenage ne attack kiya hai...
    but so sweet of u...u have made ur point so clear...and i will defn wait for someone special..next time... pakka se


  23. Lena

    I think love ain't on my side....

    I tried talking to her and asked the reason ..i changed myself a lot...but alas! it is of no help.......

    then let it be.... :)

    I think I shud wait.....before leaping ...
    like he quote " look before u leap " :D

  24. hemu


    i thot u needed that line :P

    so u r saying ..I shud go for arrange..but I think eventually I need to go for that only...coz every one says that hey u will get a gal.. u r so sweet and cute..but hehehe..alas then don't kno I m jinxed..I will wait for 2 more years..I guess then mummy jaha kahegi wahii bandh jaoonga

    dude...orkut :O
    I log in from my dep and that the reason.. i cant access orkut much from the dep..as it is banned..wait for few..I will defn arrange sumthing for the orkut thingy...

  25. lol then I must be the most-jinxed chick in the world!

    Was that movie Jude Law's?

    Im not saying I WANT to stay single forever...wut Im saying is right now Im happy being single...and I dun usually worry too much abt tmrw :)


  26. I forgot...the casts too..it's a recent movie...i forgot...will track it to u....

    I like ur views but problem is girls have this immense power to stay single forever...coz they will find guys chase always with them........but..guys are not lucky in this regard...
    doncha think like that??

  27. I think so too..girls r emotional creatures and they can handle loneliness somehow. Guys on the other hand need physical closeness to survive :)


  28. You kno yourself I am sooooooo not the gal to ask! lol

    I have to many problems! lol lol

    Go with you heart! sometimes it really works!!

    be good

  29. I would say solah somwar ka vrat rakh lo, sab thik ho jayega ;)

    on a more serious note, thand rakh, don't think about it too much! It will all fall in place when it has to

  30. sissyyy...

    yeah ....see...we are such a weak creatures :P

  31. Nehya

    I forgot to mention in the post..that no suggestion from my blonde frnd.... :P

    I agree..u won' help ..u will confuse more :P

    cheers :D

  32. solah somwar ka vrat.... :O


    ab bhukhe bhi rehna hoyega :O

    par didi phir bhi agar things never fell in place toh :O

    main toh kahi ka nhi reh jaaonga :D

  33. shraddha honi chahiye mann mein, sab thik ho jayega ;-)

  34. ji maatee.....aapki agya balak jaroor manega...uss k pass aur koi option bhi toh nhi :P

  35. dude still a virgin and such a long list...wow:)
    you know you just gotta go with the flow...whatever will be will be...and yes if you believe in love it will be yours be it arranged or love marriage...knock on wood...all the best:)

  36. nilambari


    virginity ..actually don't want to loose it before the right one comes to me...otherwise it will be kinnda betrayal and abt the long list..lol I excluded few...i don't know how the get attracted in the fst end..but eventually they go away..so I don't stay committed for long... :P


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