Friday, January 09, 2009


**Beware..... this is Bakwas talk...I m in writer's block :P** 

This word has a great significance in my life. I always thought I won’t ever find out anyone good before I came to orkut coz there I learned to lie. For getting some one all you need is a attractive DP and catchy nameand  with loads of flirtation ... you might even dig out Paris Hilton outta her hole. I did that and really it was awesome to know my capacity to attract people based on lies and your all bluffy-honesty, but I forgot that may be every damn other one is doing the same to me too.

There were so many beautiful things in it too and I would be deceitful if I don’t mention those to you. There were cute sisters that I made, some forgot me…. some are still in touch and these are the lovely most people in this online social networking and there were some friends who were really close to me, of which one is getting married and other threw me out of her friendlist. But all the most important were my online affairs and believe me there was nothing unreal in it. I really thought they loved me until they dumped me outta their life.

But now I have decided to throw out this word once for all in my life but I can never ever delete someone out of my friendlist just because he or she forgot me, because I understand they must be busy  and if you can’t get the simple mathematics that if the work pressure is important to that guy or gal than u then it is important, more you remind that guy or gal about it more they will be annoyed and eventually they will shut u off permanently. So I m thinking to delete off my account but there are some who are connected to me for mutual business benefits and for that I can’t do that too..So I guess I need to shut up until everyone deletes me off their list … LOL

This is called faltoo ka bakbak… (‘Worthless talk’ for my firangi friends) LOL….

Ohh! btw ! Reason for not login orkut is that my institute has banned it..and since I use our source wifi..I can't login there are pending request and there are unanswered scraps I m sorry for please bear with me till I get a new connection......


  1. well... no need to delete na? just reduce your activity there :)

    and you know girls are not that dumb to fall for cute dp and catchy name and some flirts... they do it for fun too... so beware!

  2. hehehehehe

    I have reduce it to a minimum :P
    u kno i had 50 k scraps

    and yeah I agree with u on that...who will agree more than me..I have faced so many :P

    but sooner the better..I realized...and that counts ..isn't ??

  3. I never did Orkut anyways :)

    but I know someone used my pics and created fake Orkut accounts...

    btw u dun hv to delete ur account d u?


  4. naaa dont have to del....everyone stands a special place..ot of people forget me that does not mean i forget them dont stress..orkut u can come always when u get the wifi dont worry..

    and guess wat gals some times are sweet poisons so u got to be little cautious ....and i second lena abt this..

    kesh sweets i know the fake account thing..they are bunch of losers who hate life doin this things...i got once this fake account thing :(..but eventually i got it spammed and deleted ....

    dont worry abt crappers...


  5. hey mate...

    orkut suck man i don even have an account there...i kinda hate it...

    anyways so how is the new year coming along for u eh...besides a wee bit of bakwaas eh ;)

  6. Orkut!


    (I use it,I like it,'cos its only a way how I keep in touch with my people!)

  7. HEY YOU! I missed you online the other night.. I was sleepy! lol
    I am here for the wkend and you are not!

    DELETE??? If you have to do
    I do all the time! I understood your talk I guess cause both of us are blonde! lol

    Be Good!

  8. Sissy..

    I said na ...I won't delete my account..soon..everyone will delete me and then I will delete mine :P

    fake made mine too...for abusing my community frnds...and it was so cool..I kindda enjoyed it..even i had 6 -7 fake accounts....from there I can say is so relaxing and so fun sumtimes :D

  9. hemu...
    yeah that's why it is still there and today I might log on from cafe and accept ur request...actually I was an orkut addict...and increasing scrap count was my passion..but now..I feel it kinnda lame doing that..

    and I kno gals are sweet poison...but yaar even if they are...they are the sweetest way to die :P

  10. Mia....

    I was an orkut over it....

    new year...nuthing much.... :P
    only I m having problem of remembering 09 at the end of the date.. :P


    tumhara makeover is kool gal... sounds like a babaji telling the bhaktjans..shanti rakho beta :P

  12. hrm nehya...

    lol....yeah ..I kno u mite been sleeping..that's why dint bothered much....


    yeah..I kno u can understand me... :P
    blonde effect... :P


  13. hheheh...its very easy to flirt around there.
    but now i've left that place..i was way too much addicted to it.

  14. hi...uve got a dedication from someone, waiting for u at my blog--"nostalgic moments" do come over and check it out :)

    seeya around

  15. Pragnya...

    it is good that u have left the place...
    coz it has more destructive effect than its advantages...

  16. scrap count :P...i delted my previous account which had more then 25k :P...

    u always prefer to die sweetest way :P..


  17. But the losers who made fake profiles of me were using obscenity under my name. And that isnt fun bro!

    hey tnxx Hemz :)


  18. hemu...


    sweetest way to die..seems like orkut was kinnda real to u too :P

  19. keshi

    yeah....i is tough to handle... but the best way to fight morons are not to give them any reaction..they just get bored and go away...

    btw do u kno thye have morphed a pic of myaccount and made it a member of gay community with my original link...


  20. NOPES it was not that real but found some nice frnds for which i reopened the no strangers into the list :P...

    keshi...i know its a serious but as long as we give attention to them they try to irritate us..


    gay community ...omg...:(...


  21. areey koi nahi....delete kar raha hai toh bata ke any case to gmail aur idhar toh hai na....!!!!

  22. I agree. Thats why I just left em like that. I didnt fight back. Losers should be left alone.


    r ya serious? u should be happy...cos they must find u very attractive in order to hv done that lol!


  23. Hemu....

    that's wat I was trying to say people do take sumtime orkut frnds as real frnds..and if sumbody had thought like will be all wrong to delete him/her outta my list....

    gay community was u kno I was voted comms best gay too :P


    it was fun that time....

  24. aayushi.....

    wo hai na...abhi kuchh din pehle tune kiya is beautiful aur tu gothic princess se babaji ban gyi ...wo wala makeover :P

  25. Vanilla....

    arre nahi kar rha delete and i will be there in gmail ..and tere liye toh humesha hi available don't worry :D

  26. sissy...

    that's the best u have done :D


    I agree agreee :P

    being nominated in gay community is really a matter of honor....they have the best studs ever seen :D

  27. best eekkks * faints *

    my god u really are quite famous there to :P..


  28. man...

    they have the best studs there.. u shud be proud to be counted among them :D


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