Tuesday, January 27, 2009

KashiYatra 09 ..... The Awakening day1

Kashiyatra....as the name suggests it is trip to Kashi aka Varanasi aka Benaras..the holy capital of the world..the land of Shiva....In the older days...people used to take their dying old loved ones to hear..so that he can die in the holy ghats of varanasi in the laps of Ma Ganga ..the goddess of holy river Ganges....And they used to name it " Kashi-yatra "...the trip to divinity and peace for eternity....
 Similar is the name of  our National level Cultural fest...held from 23rd to26th Jan..Kashiyatra09 ...a mind blowing extravaganza showing the cultural and colorful aspects of Institute of Technology, BHU....

So here are the updates of the beautiful event ..that occupied this weekend of mine.... and I had this never before experience that I can't explain in words...so I had clicked a few moments of the event of the year....

The evening started with a big bang...It was Barethi...though I m not sure to spell it but is an ancient form of Indian Martial art.....where a guy uses swords and sticks of fire and use it to defend...but this art is slowly dying...if not the efforts of our one alumni who presented the show and combines music to make a never before musical fireshow.... just watch the pics and U will get it... why it is awesome....

I have more than 200 images of the awesome experience and see the dark figure inside the fire..it is the person who is performing the martial art.....
The start was followed by KavyaManjari...the beautiful Kavi Sammelan (Poetic congregation) ... the poems ...the jokes..the romance ....everything was so beautiful..the hall was all packed with loads of people enjoying the flow of the patriotism, humor and romance.....
The friday ended beautifully and then the next day ....the rangoli day and the classical nights....wait for the update :)


  1. sounds like really awesome experience :)

  2. good u had so much fun :)....nice pics...loved to se all :)..


  3. Sounds like real real fun :) Humko invite nahi kiye Sourish ji :(

  4. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww it just amazingly beautiful (ye jhooti tarref nahi hai :p)i have heard abt this before also and have seen it in TV

    what not is getting extinct? languages, arts, whole of communities, bird, animals......
    it not only reflects our inability to preserve our culture and heritages but it also reflects our inability to love and care for our very own things.

    thanks to that alumni who is trying his best to keep this art alive and thanks to u for introducing it to us.

    have a great time at ur kashiyatra. waiting eagerly for the next update. :)

  5. Pictures loook fab..and sounds great.

    Oyeee.you need to tell me something about your color preferences too!!..background is black and white..with cartoons of politicians :D..want it two column or three??..tintS??..etc

    tell me on my blog!

  6. hey that must be really nice....i havent seen something like this in a while....

    btw howdy do sab changa?

  7. Preeti...

    I just dont know...we have got so addicted to various amenities that we are reluctant to work for the culture until it pays us out....

    and that's why our heritage are slowly fading in the pages of history...

    I m searching for it's video..if i get one I will post one..so that people can know abt the art :)

    Kashiyatra khatam...I will update u soon...just compiling things up

  8. Princess...welcome back...

    u come to varanasi... be my guest and i will show u why it is the heritage capital of India

    main changa..tussi dasso ???

  9. this guy must have been really good at this the pictures speak volumes...the fest sure does sound uplifting...damn should have been there:) next yr do invite me..hehe

  10. Nilambari...

    bola tha na ..


    okie dokie....par phir na kahiyo ki .....


  11. Awesome....does it also involve the other "kashi" trip ;) I mean sniffin :P

  12. Ceedy bhai...


    ab main kuch kahoonga toh phhir aap daantoge :P

  13. tahnks for the offer mate...
    abhi to duur duur tak no chutti....

    so keep sending pics until i really come there hehe

  14. princess mia ki jagah aapka naam princess 'bz bee' hona chaiya tha :D

  15. at first I thought it was KESHI Yatra haha!


  16. too much self obsession is a sign of vanity :P


  17. What do I make the name of your blog as?


  18. Bus, train, plane, scooty, cycle, rickshaw, auto, taxi...kuch to jaata hoga na wahaan?? Ya KashiYatra karne ke liye bhagwan ji permission ke liye waiting karaate hai aur saare conveyance modes bigaad dete hain?? :P

  19. d pics r amazing...coll fests r d best tyms...njoy!!!

  20. **too much self obsession is a sign of vanity

    duhh it wasnt self-obsession bro..it was just an optical illusion!



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