Monday, December 22, 2008


* Contents are volatile and need discretion. Underage readers please avoid this "
She was lying there  amidst her loved ones and then...her whole life just started flashing before her...
She remembered how lively girl she was...
who always aspired to be a lawyer..jus like her aunt...she remembered how everyone in the family were so proud of her that she is the brightest among the lot...until that day ...

She remembered just getting out of her bath...
the door bell rang...she was alone so she peeped from the keyhole to see her uncle coming back from office early...she hurriedly opened the door...he asked for a cup of tea ..she went to kitchen..but uncle soon changed her plan from relishing the tea to ravishing his niece...
She was just 14 and she didn't knew why her uncle was touching her..and she thought it might be the care and affection he had for she silently stood there while her uncle started doing his work...she didn't understand any of these untill  she started bleed .......and then she started crying....her uncle left after she got unconscious .
In the evening , she told her mother and she was greeted with a slap and then she tried telling to her father and to her utter dismay he rejected it altogether.. then she went to her aunt and after she heard that her husband raped her niece ..the aunt filed a complaint against this and immediately filed for divorce.

She remembered how every lawyer tried to outrage her modesty and when her aunt began to loose the separately filed divorce case due to lack of witnesses as per the rule of having four..she changed her divorce appeal from rape to adultery and there she was defenseless as her lawyer accepted that her niece and her husband were having an affair and she was granted divorce as the little girl, who didn't knew what will be the outcome trusted her aunt , agreed that she didn't protest and the uncle did ravished her . The rapist was acquitted.
She stood in silence when she heard that uncle was set free but she was ordered to be lashed naked in public. she cried and looked to her aunt but her aunt herself was responsible for the result as she wanted the divorce and she got that with her niece getting lashed.

She remembered how she was stripped off her clothes and lashed in public with everyone cheering the event and some even threwing stones towards her. She was admitted to hospital and then  freed after a week .

She started remembering about the event of last night. Her father was fighting with her mother and all she can heard was the word dishonor. After that it was silent for an hour before she heard knocking at her door. She opened the door to find her mother who hugged her hard and started crying and then she saw an arm gripping her fragile arm to take her away from her mother. The arm was of her father and before she can understand anything she saw her uncle with the gun. She tried to free herself and started crying out loud calling her mother to save her but found her mother crying and hurriedly shutting her mouth with her hand. The last hope was of her , her mother was gripping her mouth so that she can't cry out loud and her father was gripping her hard so that she can't escape, and the uncle with the gun pointing at her heart shouting

" It is needed for the honor. God forgive me "

And then everything started disappearing ...the pain subsided with the numbness taking over and soon it was all blank...
This post is dedicated to all the women who are victim of the religionism and human's cruelty. I just pray to god that people unite against it soon so that more girls and women don't die in such pain , embarrassment and injustice just in the name of honor.


  1. oh god! it just made me numb and speechless.

    would not say that it is a great post etc. coz that's not required at all.

    this type of cases are not at all rare. women suppression is happing in every nook and corner of the world. some does it openly and some inside the closed door. is it illiterate women from the weaker section of the society are not the only victims but the so called modern women too are. coz education is not there but literacy.

    it is a shame on humanity to be so cruel, dishonest and inhuman beyond the limits.

    rape, molestation, suppression what not is women suffering from. but at the end it is she who is blamed and killed in the name of honour.

    no religion ever teaches us to be inhuman and cheats but by becoming one we are cheating our religion only. it implies that we are not true to our faith. men has always taken the help of their religions to hide their crime but ironically those who claims themselves to be religious gurus helps the men only.

    not only d men but also the women themselves are their own destroyer. they themselves don't raise their voice n help each other.
    can't believe her own aunt did so to her just to get d divorce. sheer shame. but that's visible everywhere. ck out how mother-in law forces her son to get handsome dowry.....

    anyways i will end my comment here...gosh such a long comment :p.. the topic is like that.. i hope ppl come forward against this and most we ourselves come forward..

    take care :)

  2. I forgot to mention abt child abuse. shame on humanity :x :(

  3. and once again u were the fst to comment....

    the topic is itself controversial...theough i had a video posted..but I removed was too gore to be made public....

    actually religion is just a veil..behind which man do his diry work..and I just hate wen god's most beautiful and tender creations are made to suffer..

    I agree with you views and i wud really hope that people do rise up against this and i want to help them remember this is not medieval era....we are living in modern times where strength of body doesn't get count...

    and I pardon ur typoz coz I loved ur comment and ur in depth view and I dint noticed any typoz :P

    and I do hate child who hurts the child are the devil demselves

  4. was a gr8 post but have to take little time to come bac :)..little busy with bloody Christmas work :P..:(...have to come bac in the evening sorry for not commenting properly :(..


  5. it is allright hemu...take ur time..tis is gonna be my last post for this year....and from tommorow i m on feel free to reply anytime :)

  6. OMGOSH! Sourish!

    I am like Totally Speechless! you did a great post here and very informative!

    This is sad because some of us try to do things in the name of G-d and that is just not right!

    Sourish! GREAT JOB!!!


  7. hrm nehya

    thanx ur highness...
    ur majesty liked is like winning a kingdom for me :P


  8. i come bac dude :)...the post had struck me on the right part of kept tingling my feeling..:(...i dont i just liked the post...i have read it like 5 times i really wanted the info to pass on very much :)..


    P.S:sorry for late..have a gr8 holidays man :)..

  9. thanks hemu...and i wud love if u pass the info.............

  10. Wow wonderful post....damn it made me quiver....

    Its sad.....

    On a somber note - do enjoy your break and have fun.....(remember life has to go on right?)

  11. This is a murder of humanity..
    How shameful and disgusting can it be for a man to rape his own wife's neice? These people need to be burnt that the pain can sweep inside their blood and make them feel the contempt that they give to people..

    I hate this..i mean everyone sensitive to the world does.

    Merry Christmas..

  12. This will keep happening unless we stop treating sex as a big ho halla issue.

    We need to stop pulling this "honor" thing in between. We need to respect our instincts and our choice to control them.

    We need to stop feeling ashamed of being alive.

    Until then... this will happen.

  13. wow......great post...!!!

    reading you for the first tiem but its worth doing that....the first few lines made a good impact about your blog....and so couldnt stop from dropping a comment.....hope you dont mind...!!!

    about the post....its just shame on something called humanity for such behavior

  14. Hi sweetie,

    long time no news, i hope u re doing allrite, that u had a great Xmas time and i wish an excellent end of the year.
    Looking forward to chat wid u.
    Miss u

  15. That just moved me in a way that I just do not have any sorts of words to explain. Fight against child abuse has been a dear cause to me and this post just brought forth how our society can rip off the innocence of a child. If you havent read it yet, then find this book called BITTER CHOCOLATE by Pinki Virani. It horrifies one to the core as to what children around India are going through.

    Thanks for writing this...have a happy vacation..cheers :)

    You are blog-rolled.

  16. Here's Wishing you a very happy and prosperous '09!!!!!

  17. i cant add anything to preeti's comment.... it is really a shame when things like this happen and the society makes the victim responsible :(

  18. ohh i forgot.. happy new year to you :)

  19. Happy New Year bro HUGS!

    I myself am still on my break. Enjoy ur break bro. Miss ya already! btw when r ya coming bak?

    **I kno you won't miss me

    wut does that mean???


  20. still enjoying holidays huh!...come soon soon mate :)...


  21. ceedy bhai

    welcome's been long since i saw u here....

    and thanx for the wishes bhai...naya saal aapko bhi mubarak ho :)

  22. Aayushi...

    I agree with u fully..and the mode of punishment i wud love to give them myselfe...this is so sad that we are living in modern era still we practice like cannibals...

    and sweetheart...i kno u r crystal :P
    remember I m ur bhaiya????

  23. Alok

    I agree with you on the point of women being killed for honor though I don't think child abuse thing gonna change ever coz the most cases known are of family abuse and that is also one of the primary reason of a hell lot unreported cases....

    but I do agree awareness is needed and they need to kno that they are doing sumthing illegal and unethical too....

    we need to give example of hanging one in public to teach them a lesson

    a very happy new year to u too.. :)

  24. yamini....

    hey I didn't minded that u commented here... rather I loved it ..and for minding sumthing one need to have mind and i don't have .... :D

    and I second ur thoughts on the is really disgusting...

  25. hey cessy...

    I went home for cudn't are you...???

    and happy new year to ya


  26. Smriti

    hey welcome to my blog and thx for blogrolling...

    child abuse is a serious issue though it is punishable by law but very few gets reported coz either the kid dint knew wat is going on with him or her

    or the family suppress it to save their kid for future mental molestation by the society

    and since most of the cases the family itself is responsible ...they kids ae tortured more coz they don't kno to whom they turn for help...

    I have noted down the book and will soon get a copy

    and i really appreciate ur fight for the kudos to u :)

  27. Lena...

    yeah preeti made me speechless too...u gals are of great merit

    happy new year to u too :)

  28. keshi


    I jus came back today and suffering a major connection issues and that line meant it is kind of okay :P

  29. heya hemu...

    mez back....but suffering major connection problems :(

    hope it gets better :)


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