Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Cute love letter........

Dear Karen,
If you're reading this, it means I
actually worked up the courage to mail it.

So, good for me.

You don't know me very
well but you get me started,

I have a tendency to go on and on
about how hard the writing is for me.

But this...

this is the hardest thing
I've ever had to write.

There's no easy way to say
this, so I'll just say it.

I met someone. It was an accident.

I wasn't looking for
it. I wasn't on the make.

It was a perfect storm. She
said one thing. I said another.

Next thing I knew, I wanted to spend the rest
of my life in the middle of that conversation.

now there's this feeling in my gut.
She might be the one........

She's completely nuts...

in a way that makes me
smile -- 
highly neurotic...A great deal of maintenance required.

She is you, Karen.
That's the good news.

The bad is that I don't know
how to be with you right now.

And it scares the shit out of me.

Because if I'm not with you right now, 
I have this feeling we'll get lost out there.

It's a big, bad world
full of twists and turns,

and people have a way of
blinking and missing the moment...

the moment that could've
changed everything.

I don't know what's going on with us,

and I can't tell you why you should waste
a leap of faith on the likes of me...

but, damn, you smell good .....
like home.

And you make excellent coffee.
That's got to count
for something, right?

Call me.

Unfaithfully yours, 
Hank Moody.

This is a beautiful letter...that sported out in the end of a cute series called as "Californication."..and I loved it beyond any word and beyond any expression.............

Need I to mention....that I am Back....................???


  1. awww so cute. :)

    so u r back with a bang and with such a beautiful makeover. wowwww
    new look roccks... hmm i liked it esp. d blog name.

    welcome back :)

    even m back along with a new look. :)

    smile* :)

  2. first of all template rocks :)..

    and welcome back ...u just made a big bang :)...

    the love letter was sooo cute :)...i wish i wud rite one to a gf if i had :P...heheh...welcome bac dude :)..


  3. I am so so happie to see you back.


    cool post...very sentimental n touchy.

    and love the template:)

  4. HEY YOU!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOSH! welcome back!!! I love your Template and oh my gosh this post is great!!!

    I like to think It is that Pocket Full Of Sunshine Award that brought you back this way!!


  5. thx preeti.....

    one shud not appreciate oneself...people call them immodest..and i don't help being one myself....heheheheh...even i liked the blog's new template :P

    and welcome back :)

  6. Hemu.....

    thanks bro.....

    yrah the love letter was realy was sported in the end of the series californication...if you ge time do watch's one of the cutest series on showtime.....

    and good luck for finding soulmate soon :D

  7. Vanillaaaaa....

    thanksssssssssssssssssssss for liking the post....aur tujhe miss kar rha atha so I returned back :P

  8. Nehya..
    u kno u r special to me...and ur award has defn magic in it....

    and I missed ya thot why not drop in........


  9. tat was a real good one....

    glad that yru back so am back too....

    so how is it going after a long hiatus eh...missed visiting yur blog n yur comments too

  10. hey welcome back princess...

    everything's one is there now..guess wat..i have to hold on tight to few frnds left...and m glad to find u are still here..

  11. YES!
    YES !

    Thou art you like LOADS bro! Welcome back! :)

    And this letter..was CUTE indeed!
    The template's good..and the name is now changed..woohoo!!
    M waiting m waiting.

    (new post up my blog btw :P)

  12. awwwwwww so romantic indeedz!

    WB my bro! Thats the best 'romance' that I experienced this weekend so far :)...u coming bak n all hehe. ty for coming bak. HUGZ!

    I missed n missed ya! I know ur not a quitter. I hope u had a good break?


  13. btw the template rocks...I love the overall FRESHNESS of ur return.

    I was to come bak on a happy note..I had a superb break n all. But when the Mumbai tragedy happened, I was shattered..dunno why this particular one, but I was totally gripped with sorrow.

    I will come bak on a happier note as I wanted week. :) u hv a good weekend my bro and plz stay safe!


  14. Aayushi......

    Love u too betuu

    and thanx for liking the template....even i liked it more than's sober...after a long

    I will defn check ur post... :P

  15. sissyyy

    I kno u have tremendous faith in me..and so I returned to prove ur view abt me....

    and I missed ya too

  16. Mumbai tragedy....was indeed a tragic even..but I don't think that I want to write abt it...coz wat i feel this was not our win and more we discuss the failure...more they get success on their part....coz we are just discussing the aftermath..not doing anyfink abt it...

    and u too have a safe weekened....


  17. awww thats cute :)
    and i love new blog look totally, much more better than previous ones! :)

    welcome back!

  18. hi sweetie, sorry been away for the weekend, haven t seen u online since the last time we talked so tell me what happened after? did u manage the things we were talking about ;)?

  19. thanks Lena....

    I kno it is better..even I was bored of the prev ones thot of changing to some thing good :P

    I told ya na that love letter is cute :P

  20. cess...

    Oh I havn't done anything abt it...and u do enjoy ur weekend....these thing can wait :P

  21. aww...I hv faith in myself too...I shall be bak ok. HUGS!

    I agree with ur views abt the Mumbai tragedy. So true!


  22. Sourish bhaiya........I earnestly and sincerely missed my bade bhaiiya ........ssssoooooooo happy to see ya bck.

    OMG!! I always thgh love lttrs wer adult thingie but this was ultra coooooollll.aka cuteeeeeee.......thanks for sharing bhai :)

  23. Sissy...

    Get back soon ..i m getting bored.....

  24. Meghna

    thnx a lot sweety pie...

    yeah indeed the love letter is so cute... :P

  25. well Im bak already lol! *HUGZ*


  26. AAyushiii...

    ruk aaj kuchh likhta hoon...par kya likhoo... :O

  27. That was so very cute !
    Though I think that the big bad world thing was a little cheesy :P


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