Friday, April 27, 2007

Virtual Marriage

Aaj again I got virtually married
Married to one of my gud frnd Sarah..

Again in da sense dat it reminded me of a marriage sum1 endearly agreed and said "kabool hai" few months back..and now she is far away from me...

It is so much fun na dat u commit to some one and and nex moment

" kaun ho tum??" :-)

and sumtimes ..god's grace..dey even dont turn up at least to pay attention to my poor heart.

Chalo koi baat dis marraige was fun for Sarah...may be I pretended be funny.

Coz virtual marraiges hav lost da meanings ..I kno dat..
And committement on da net is .....jus a line..... dat is spoken( better written) and den its forgotten....

I was feeling very nostalgic today wen i was reading one old comm
and m so sorry to you (if u ever come and read) dat u were so nice and so caring and I never left any chances of making u ruswaa in front of oders...

M so sorry for dat..and i love u more ..for staying wid me inspite of my foolish behaviour thruout that time...and i forgive u ( as if sumbody asked me to :D).

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