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Few days back , I ve been to one of my memorable trips was a workshop on IPR( intellectual property rights) in IIT kanpur, India. And dere I had da privilage to witness a ..neva seen before tale..dat I always heard but never actually seen it..
It's a legend come true

It's Indian railways neva heard before train
(Ranchi to Ajmer weekly)

Actually i had planned to skip da tour..but den i made my mind and gone to reservation counter to find da reservation of all the trains except this is full and on waiting dan also more dan 100, so i purchased da ticket ..and checked for its route

Varanasi>>> Mirzapur>>> Allahabad>>> Kanpur

And journey less dan 6 hours...
Wen i told my frnds about dis train no 1 actually heard abt it and every1 was excited about dis new train...

So here goes da date of my departure to Kanpur, March 30th.
Train was scheduled to arrive at 8 55 and to depart at 9 45...i reached station at 9 30 and found dat train is late and will arrive shortly on platform 8 ( wow!!! i learnt dat dat only dat Varanasi has 8 platforms..)..I was happy dat since it has a long waiting time here will manage its delay.. but
train came at 10 15 and waited dere for exactly one hour as scheduled..and left da station only on 11 20.
about the train

i was da lone passenger dere wid reservations..and all oders were widout tickets... :D oops haan all means in the reservation compartment dere were only 15 people..not even the vendors boarded da train.. :D

Den it reached Mirzapur..taking da one hour journey in 3 hours..stopping on every urinals it can stop ... :D means every places where lil bit bushes were dere...
Den da actual phase of journey started when a large contingent of college boys boarded da train
Dey were all samples wearing 35 rupees goggles ..a boy had one mobile too..he flaunted it wid more dan one can think for he was using headphones intead of ear phones and head phone was of size of da headfone we hear wid our taperecorder..I asked him ..if he studies in college.. he answered wid an air dat he is talking to an illiterate...lolz

And da legend began
I heard a boy shout
"Mera ghar aa gaya.."
It was a village.. and nearly 10 kms away from nearest station ..
i thot
"oh god dis train will stop in next station too :( "

Train stopped dere only..
the boy pulled da chain and went home.. walking out...and I was surprised..after 15 mins...train started..I appreciated da courage of the boy and was smiling on the incident..
I found out... every boy in dat train ..gonna go home like dat only... :D
And da train was stopping at every village border ..
And it stopped nearly 50 times between Mirzapur and Allahabad

And da train reached allahabad and da time it was scheduled to cross Kanpur...and it reached kanpur nearly 5 hours late and i was on this legend train for train for 11 hours

Den I understood da trains name
Yeah it was really Garibnawaj Express( bless for the poors)

So all hail to Indian railways..wen our railway miniter is giving speeches in MIT and we are travelling on such living legends and spending 5 hours more to admire our journey and Indian Railways.
luv Sourish

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  1. hahahahaha

    bhaiyaaa....aapki mulakat laloo g se karwa den aap kaho toh...:D

    indian railways no doubt is makin progress.....8 platforms ;)..varanasi....;)


    sahi hai...ab bolo nxt tym kab ja rahe hoo aap..hehe



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