Thursday, June 01, 2006

The persons whom I don't know and who created a gap in my life

I chose blue for writing my emotions, because the blue is the colour i feel when am missing sumone
The list starts with a beautiful creature named
Missing U
Kunal- A nice boy!
Missing u
WE never met, even he used to live in the adjacent hostel to mine. I loved this kid who was much younger than me,yet he was the most sweet boy to talk with, I spent hours wid him in our chat messenger and gtalk. I don't know what drifted him apart from me, and I really helped him more to drift apart, even knowing that I will miss him forever.
He knew all my secrets and I knew all his, but like always he got addicted to me and needed a break and I gave him one. But for him my promise still holds, whenever he needs me , I will be always dere for him.
Missing U
Aditi/ Shaista/ Sweety - Sweety I should better call her by dat name-My cutest immature but pretending matured friend.
Missing U
My first orkut and den my messenger friend, always fresh to talk wid, full of spirits. For the first time I got addicted to anybody, and den again she needed a break from my posseviness. So I gave her one.She was the one , for whom I watched a 2 hours movie in 7 hours, completed my a single page contents page of my report in one entire day, and for the first time I got the meaning of what friendship means. She was jus a cute part of my life, when a misunderstanding drifted her apart from me, and this time too I was the one who helped her to drift apart from me. Thanks to my short temper. She always coped up with it with a renewed freshness, but this time it is too late, may be the extent of our misunderstanding is too big for her to cope up wid. I m feeling to beg on my knees to get her back in my life. She thinks that I love her. May be she is right to say the word, but she is not at all right in interpreting what that means. I never thought of her more than a friend, ya may be more than the other friends. But she again like others dumped me out, but I m the real culprit, because somehow I felt I could have stopped her from drifting apart, I know she was not going apart, somehow I felt that she needed me in her emotional hours, but I became more demanding and increased her emotional stresses forcing her to dump me out. I really feel like hating myself for writing those shits to her. But again my short temper increased my schizophrenia.
Ya, I m sick, I live in dual world of character split, where my bad part always destroyed my life, my circle , my friends and my real self get to know it, late, when it's all over. This is the real shit of my life which I always wanted to tell her, but didn't had the strength to face the truth myself, let alone telling her, that's why I always begged her to give me her complete attention, so that my other part don't come up.
Feeling real Blue without her.How far I m desperate to get my friend back, I don't know but I think her happiness is more to me than my needs from her. I pray to the god that she get her lost love back, so that if ever I get her back in my life, I find her full of happiness, so full that the happiness itself comes out from her in my life. The only pain I am feeling now is that I was not able to bid her a goodbye.Everytime I open my messenger I miss her buzz and her offline messages. But I have faith in time, because I know one day either the time will get my friend back or time will heal this loss.
Missing u
Hope that list grows long soon, so that my lost friends found new companies


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  2. u wil surely get back to all lost frds coz they stil r ur frds.


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