Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Do i love her??

Well ! what can i say about her...

The smile,the ingenousness and innocence brimming from the face, simply kills me.
I can sense some cosmic connection...... They say that when u want something very sincerely, and u dream abt something very badly. day in and day out, the soul of this world, will conspire to make ur dreams come true. Hoping for such a miracle!

But does'nt seem realistic. She's too far away, too rich, too intelligent, too beautiful, too busy and simply, too chimerical for me.
But like ever optimistic indians(who believe India can win a match even when it needs 20 runs off the last ball, with anil kumble on strike)...... I'll continue to dream.

After all Theodore Rossevelt has said........
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams".

Well what do you say do i love her?????

Abhishek khanna


  1. I don't think you love her, it's infatuation--- your blog really touched me.

    I was really thinking about how you write and the words are just so darn beautiful.

    Well, take care of yourself...and where do you live by the way?

  2. yeshhh yesshhh..

    you love her...

    you love her...

    you love her...



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