Friday, November 25, 2011

The Drug trade - A Vicious circle

It has been long since I have uploaded anything on my blog. It's not because I am heartbroken but I was hell busy with work and life. The other day, I was watching a movie and was amazed with highly powerful drug trades all over the world.

Many of you know that taking drugs such as cocaine and heroin is completely banned in all the countries, yet these drug routes and drug trades are flourishing. Today drug trade is  worth hundreds of billion dollars. There are powerful drug mafia all over the world. Dawood Imbrahim is also a kingpin in this trade. His alone drug business in drug trades amounts to more than 5 Billion dollars.

Today, I will try to point out the drug routes and their possible history and current affairs.

Heroin is purified form of an extract out of Poppy opium. The process for purification is carried out with extreme precaution. Poppy seed is easily available in all markets . However, opium poppy growing is strictly regulated. Afghanistan is largest poppy producing country with weather and climate extremely suitable for cultivation. Now you can understand why Taliban attacked that country and why US Army popped in to protect Afghanistan from atrocities while they are sitting silent watching the atrocities all over the world. US army ensured that Poppy farmers are well protected as they are the start point of the drug trade all over the world. Almost all country uses the drug money to run covert operations and election propaganda.

When the Poppy are well grown, they are shipped to European countries, mostly the newly formed countries previously part of USSR. They purify the poppy to make high quality heroin. Then they are shipped out to all the countries where Local mafia takes over the trade.

Cartels, Triads, Mexican drug mafia are major distributors in North America. Brazil, Argentina and other countries in south America buys from Colombians followed by distribution by local drug lord. African continent is pumped with drugs by various foreign governments in order to control their huge diamond reserves and controlling the tribal rebels. In Asia, Japanese mafia and Chinese triads control the drug trades in east Asia. India and Other South Asian countries are under the network of Bombay based Mafia network mainly by the Dawood Ibrahim D' company operating from Karachi, Pakistan.

Now, for heroin users...

The purity decreases with each step. The heroin at streets are mostly adulterated with white castor sugar and flour to make the white powdery heroine. Many small drug traffickers use synthetic powders to lower the cost of adulteration and maximizing the profit. The concentration at street level is less than 10% with lot of unhealthy impurities.So the street heroin is not safe at all

All the drug trading and drug trafficking occurs under the nose of various governmental agencies. If they would have been that serious against drugs at street, they would have stopped poppy cultivation altogether. Now you can understand why the war against terrorism is actually a ploy to protect the billion dollar drugs industry. These all drug money goes for running the election propaganda of the democracies. Therefore, you know these elections are the reason why drug is killing the younger generation.

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