Friday, March 18, 2011

Wikileaks, India and Latest scandals

Ok!! As I promised.. I am back again... after so long.. Wikileaks have started focusing on India.... In last three days they released 8 cables...
Wikibomb 1: Congress bought MPs for 2008 trust vote.
US cable suggests MPs from Ajit Singh's RLD were paid Rs. 10 crore each by the Congress during the 2008 trust vote.
Wikibomb 2: P. Chidambaram's son and Azhagiri bribed voters
US cable claims DMK's Azhagiri paid Rs 5000 per voter in Thirumangalam. Karti Chidambaram is quoted as saying that it is impossible to distribute the money when the villages are spread so far apart in 2009 LS polls.
Wikibomb 3: The Afzal Guru dilemma
US cable sent on Oct 20, 2006 highlights Congress' fear of losing Muslim votes in UP if Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru is hanged.
Wikibomb 4: India, US face-off on sharing 26/11 info with Pak
US embassy cables claim Delhi tried to fend off US pressure on information sharing, before relenting.
Wikibomb 5: PM isolated on Pakistan
Cables claim that a US envoy after meeting NSA M.K. Narayanan was driven to the conclusion that PM was isolated within his own government over Pakistan.
Wikibomb 6: Pro-US tilt in cabinet shuffle
US cables sent by David Mulford claimed that the 2006 cabinet reshuffle had a pro-US tilt.
Wikibomb 7: West Asia policy hostage to Muslim vote
US cables stated that the UPA's policy towards West Asia is dictated by its anxiety to keep Muslims in good humour.
Wikibomb 8: Elitist Congress unwilling to engage with masses

Now tell me.... which things you don't already know????...

# Horse-trading... A common term used for bribing parliamentarians for voting... it is going on for ages.. you know before every trust vote.. each party locks down their MPs or MLAs..with girls and booze in guesthouses...under tight that they can't interact with other political dealer or lobbyist what's new in that....everybody knew that then Govt. survived the trust vote by bribing...and do you know what Pranab Mukherjee said.. he said that it was then govt. and it is not this govt.'s duty to investigate... and nor they are liable.. even then and now.. the faces running the Govt. are same...I guess there accountability just vanishes with every election....

# Bribing voters... lol.... We are so proud of our Indian democracy... do you know in our democracy ..majority voters are from the villages and small towns... ??? and do you know that how much each vote cost... Just a bottle of foreign liquor in towns and Local liquor in villages...??? So what!!! each election .. tons of illegal liquor is distributed...

# Afzal comes and strip our prestige in worldwide..killing soldiers and guards... attacking the parliament ...though corrupted but symbol of our democracy.. and he is sitting there smiling in jail.. why??? coz whoever comes in power .. start thinking of minority you think Indian muslims are all pro terrorism??? No....!!!! I know they all too want him hanged.. coz keeping him alive and giving the excuse that muslims endorse him.. insults them too...coz they are also Indians...

# About India's foreign policy against Pakistan... do you know India lost 1000s of troops and billions of currency when our Govt. decided to put them on border just after attack on parliament and then the govt. decided to go soft and ask them to return back...?? India has the poor foreign policy...and hen it comes to Pakistan.. it becomes more poor.. coz it fluctuates with every election.... and you know why ...:)...yeah!! minority appeasement.. and that is what guiding India's policy towards west Asia too....

# And about India being Pro-US... lol..somebody has to finance the election... if they have to win by bribing the voters... and US has Dollars... and everyone in India loves Dollars.. :D

So!!!! as Mr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi said....Govt. is not there to run and investigate every time Wikileaks publishes something... .. Yes!! Mr. Congress Spokesman!!! our Democracy runs on these principles and we certainly don't need to investigate the truth that we all know...But I am sure.. not very far is the time.. when people in India will know the corrupt faces and hang them with their votes...

PS: The excerpts are taken from HT .. India Today...I will be in touch with more Wikileaks expose...

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