Friday, November 07, 2008

See Ya When Time Finds..

Last few days I was off from the blogworld coz

It was saddening to see the blogworld ain't any fun...because most of the time..the originality and the sanctity of blogging is missing...everyone seems so distant....every smile seems so fabricated....everywhere the race of superiority is going on...people making groups...hatred..some people are already missing ... and those who are there... are slowly going towards oblivion...

So I thot of taking a time off for myself...and I hope this time I stick to it...

I will defn drop by..but may not comment....

I hope that you won't forget me...but if you do I won't blame you.... :)

I just hope that things go better and the blog world get purer again..

Take care and God bless you.............


  1. Hey! I feel the same way I just cannot get myself going anymore.. I just like to read and comment... And then I dont have anything to say or post!

    So yeah Lots of distance! but how are you???

    Have a great Day!

  2. ohhhhhh plus my posts suck! I guess it is the reality of the FUNK that I am in! LOL!! I am coming out.. oppps gotta run! already late!

  3. Bro!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can I ask wut this is abt? :( WTH is going on?

    I was gonna leave too...rem that post? well I hv my reasons too. ppl cursing me in their blogs, in the open...others cheering in the comment section etc etc. Ugly world it is. Blogville has become very GROUPY. I dun u'stand why tho. Mebbe ppl hv so many insecurities in their lives that they seem to come n fulfil them in Blogville. That is the only reason I can think of.

    I also feel I dont belong here anymore...for some reason it's all become a power struggle, yes even in blogville. u know bro, now i hv friends promised me the world leave my blog w.o. a word. how d u think I'd feel? they r all quiet all of a sudden. The more ppl do that kinda thing, the more I realise its all BULLSHIT here. I hv very few genuine ppl here like u and Ne and few others in my blog. I write for them. the rest can go to hell.

    And if some day soon, I feel that I need to take a break, I will do so. Looks like its coming soon. But dun ever lose hope cos of few losers who operate on 'Superiority'. They r only trying to get wut they dun hv in their real life. Let em be. Empty u see. Let em revel in their emptyness.

    having said all that, how can u leave me???

    Im so very sad at ur decision!


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. And dont lose HOPE...rem Obama can Blogville become purer again, even if we wont be here to see it next time.


  6. Do your duty with honesty and world will join.
    Do not worry.

  7. ok i will stop fighting for luis ...u have her...i will go for sarah from blogs people get figths and it is ok for the fights unless the other person becomes i second wat keshi told ...think abt it before taking a long brake dude..thats all i cud say..wen ur away just have fun :)..


  8. hi sweet pie, i hope u ll be all right. yeah sometimes the blogville has the blues, like in real life, because no matter people in the blogville are real too.
    I hope u ll come back or u will keep chattin with me, i m here if u need me, i hope u know that ;)
    u take care

  9. You ain't going to go!..:(

    I won't force you though..but bro..all my favourite people are fast disappearing! First Sol and now you :x
    Have a good time..but yes,don't forget me :)

    Be back SOOON!

  10. oh come on now when i come here after so many days this is what i get to read....

    btw yeh sab chalta rahega....just choose to ignore it back soon..take care

  11. you know really feel the same all the time nowadays.. bloggerville has become a very different place :(

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Bro listen up...ur not going anywhere. I sent u an angry email lol! Cos I was so worried ur gonna go.

    Why not stay for the few good souls here? Forget abt the few morons that seem to hv gained overnight crowns/tiaras, and r now bossing their old mates around. Such ppl r not worth ur time or tears. They were FAKE to begin with. They hv forgotten the past very easily amidst their newfound 'bliss'...which is not real bliss.

    Come bak! I need a new post now. Keep writing ur emotions out...thats the best way to know where ur heading with this. Cutting away all of a sudden from all ur net friends is not a NATURAL thing to do. I dunno how some ppl do that tho. Mebbe we didnt mean anything to them anyways?



  14. I guess it was my sad posts that made u sad too :( come back

  15. omg i have been reading this almost everywhere , its bloody sad but wats going on so clueless.....anwyays hope yur back soon......

  16. bhai...i came here 2 ask fr help an then it strruck me.....ever1 is so matlabi na??

    me too

    aapse yeh kehna aayi thi ki ho sake toh madat kariye..:

    But ab lagta hai bahut matlabi hoon.....touching post!
    Reality eye-openenr!

  17. Hey, Miss Ya man!! Come out of hiding...and you have something on my blog!! come and get it!!


    Hope you are being good!


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