Tuesday, September 25, 2007

last few days.....

Fed up of writing about the gloomz of life.. seems like one of the blog i recently read.. forgot da name..blog likhne wale sabhi dukhi hote hai :P

aise lag raha hai ki jaise.. every time i m writing ..mujhe koi gam sata raha ho....so jotting down few funny events occured in last few days..and see ..how my bad luck is such in a hurry to screw me up :P... and den readers wont complain dat ..y u write such sad posts :O....:P

So check it out

after so much of warning abt speed limit..i fall down from da bike...got my hands fractured...and still its paining..wats funny abt it..u wud better kno when u hav to go for ur morning choirs especially da biggest one wid ur left hand wrapped up... and u hav to devise da new innovative ways for completing da routine..:P

got my new bike......was so happy at last i will able to fetch up a new gf..par :O
some body got killed up in rash driving in our campus ( Raj >>RIP )...and rumors are in table that our institute is banning da motorcycle concept....so is my 65 k of investment... :O :-s :-/

den came vishwakarma puja..i was so happy wid my new bike..did 3 pujas of it..and den da mystery veiled..i forgot to do da puja of my comp who was my soul mate for last 5 years and more..and wat happened den...booom
a fluctuation...and my monitor started flickering and den at last on saturday it got switched off and da vendor said "monitor bhaiyya aapa outdated hai..iska EST ( a troublesome component) nhi mil rha ahai time aur paisa dono lagega :-s " :P
so u understand wat happens if u ditch ur gf for a new "definitely male" bike khikhikhi...so i m online from my comp lab which i never thot to do :-s

oh ho btw i lost my keys few days back..:-s and i had to brk open da room lock..ohh yeah all the locks of my suitcases were locked too and more funnily all the keys were in da ring only.. so.......:P

i had to rip dem open too...:D

ohh i forgot to tell da big news :P
i got in PhD and now university has some funny clause dat dey wud consider my registration from back date and and at dat date a funny clause is dere dat i m admitted in Masters as well as doctoral research..and i don kno wat da fuck dat means
dey are bringing on new clauses to cancell an all together impossible event to cancel...:D

so in short i m all screwed up in such a way.. dat i cant imagine ..shud i cry or laugh about how funnily da events showed up to screw my life...lol

c ya
take care
love u all :P


  1. but dude look at the brighter side ok lemme hlp ya
    u injured ur hand making it diff for d chores atleast ur bum is safe othawise ahem it wud have been more difficult **leaves to d imagination ***
    now u have a new bike atleast next time someone elses bike is safe :D more accidents more sympathy more chicks dude ;)

    c monitr getz screwed up hmm its d god's way of saying its high time to chk out the real chicks :P afta al u gt a bike :D

    lost key : u r now efficient in brkin ur gf house nytime :D

    oh nd collg thingy : ur collg loves ya lot dey r planning to spend deir entire lifetime or urs [whichever applies]together 8)

    happy living!

  2. pehli baat blog dhukhi atma ka shngrah nahi hota :x
    yes ok u find blog always in kinda a quest to find solace in this morbid world but dat dosent mean ur doomed to gloom.....:)
    2ndly sorry aapnae itnae din pehale diya tha yeh link mainae aaj tak koi comment nahi kiya ,wo yaad dast kamhor hai uper sae main carelss hu :(
    ab aapkae is post per atae hai....
    aapko gum satae to likhaeiae ga to sabdoo main gum hi niklega naa .....
    bad luck main bhi to luck hota yeh kyu nahi dekhtae luck hona hi abhut bdi baat hai, bad yaa good jo bhi hoo.:(
    awwww aapka hath abhi bhi dukta hai :(
    aur morning choir main kaisae jatae ho jab 6 bajae sotae ho roz to ??/
    mithaii kilayii nahi byke ki aur aisae shaan se bol rahae ho ki 65k ka investment hai
    bhiya yaha vishwakerma puja nahi hota :(
    aur mainae bhi koi computer ki puja nahi kii :P ,ismain koi baat nahi mera pc nahi fluctuate kiya ,han aapki byke sae jaal ker jaroor ho gaya hoga karab :P
    chabhi kae guccha shambhalnae kae liyae bhabhi ale aooo chabhi kabhi nahi gumegi.:P
    for Mr raj ~~~~~~~~~~~~>R.I.P
    pHd :O itna to main 2-4 janamoo main bhi na phadhu......

    jayda roo nahi life nae koi screw nahi kiya hia bas karab phase hia aur kuch nahi


    love u

  3. dear anonymous...thanx for the enlightenment ..but the factor is dat da time wen my monitor is off it was heavily raining..so cudn't actually go watch aroung hens leave alone chicks:-s..but yeah dat way i havnt thot...
    and plz pray to god that da college love me like oders and clear me as dey do to oders...:D

    thanx yaar...teri bahut mithaiiyaa due rah gyi..chal ek din badi party doonga..tu yaha aaja :P
    aur rahi baat padhai k..job k life se toh behtar padhna likhna:-s :-s

    hai na

    khyal rakhna


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