Thursday, July 05, 2007

All Alone

3 minutes passed her last message to me..and m still staring da comp..looking at her messages....wid tears rolling down... like always.........

but I need to go out of her life..I m making my life and her life in turmoils...

Take care hunny bunny...u were da best ever gift da god gifted me... and i wud never regret dat i was wid u.... ever.
love u

Some sand particles find dere way in da seashells and transform demselfs to pearl..but most of them end up lying in da beach to cushion da naked feets walking on dem...

I neva wanted to be da pearl in ur life...but if i wud had ever cushioned ur journey....I m da happiest person alive.....

Love u...
I will never forget u my shlow bunny..... and i never shut u off..da IM window is still open...:)

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