Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some people who are still missing in my blog

There are lots of people whom I never mentioned in the blog..though dey felt insignificant but when m saying a gudbye....dey are the most hard to deal wid..coz dey had no expectations from me..dey give my their attention to me..and wen I sadi gudbye ..dey just smiled and said we are here for u wen u wil return

Tanima aka Tani
She is one of rare wonderful girl, u cud ever met...she has a history..and da practice of profile deletion ..i learnt from her only..she is a nice gal aged same as me..matured..ill tempered but sweet to talk wid and always bubbling wid joy..her life's full of pain..but like me everytime i learnt dat she is seeing sum1 ...lolz and wenever i ask her abt her love life..her answer is not for me. She neva forgot me to add up nor she eva forgot to stop me wen i go on a leave..she has got wonderful ability to be wid all and every1 thinks she is jus for dem..

A bubbling gal..who is in such a pain dat u cant imagine..a perfect moral support for me..she is wonderful gal ..always helpo me to stay calm..helped me a lot in easing tension wid baneen...she is always supportive and helps me to understand wat a girl cud ask for and how to procure dat..she has a long stowie behind her...and she has always dis habit of helping me and i was neva dere in time of her need...she is da lovely gal to be wid and i pray to god dat plz help her easing her pain and give her a new hope to survive

list goes one

but rite now urge for brkfast is more..will continue it laters

1 comment:

  1. if only it was dat easy as writing a blog on them to make them realise how important they are ...
    anyways gud to c u bac


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