Friday, August 04, 2006

My life..and Indian net

I was thinking dat hmmmm wat i was thinking........hmmm lolz Itz among da times when i want to write so much but yet i m getting confused about da contents first i thot dat i shud write a poetry.den i thot current affairs at last irony striked and i decided to write abt my life ..........
Last two cute indian server behaved so gud dat I was not able to talk to her.And today everything changed a lott.
She wrote me damn gud and cute offlines dat she thinks dat i m ignoring her. And again my indian server got disconnected again and i was not even able to send her any offlines and still itz not getting connected.So i thot of writing a mail and suddenly me PC got restarted...lolz. the long cute mail got washed off. And when I again wrote dat it lacked all the beauties and all the emotions dat I encarved my previous mail wid.
Human emotions........god knows how he made dis damn everchanging materialistic thinkings dat we called emotions.
lolz I have gone mad I guess. take care

1 comment:

  1. Nah, I wouldn't say you're going mad. It's just that some people start wondering about things at different stages in their lives.

    There are so many emotions inside us that we dont always know what to do with them.

    Keep writing =)


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