Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Indo-US nuclear deal

I was thinking not to write about this,but couldn't help myself writing this.I know this is harsh subject still beyond my grasps but hey who cares.No one is caring,not even the governments who signed them without asking anythingfrom their respective people whom they represent.Isn't it harsh but who gives a damn about it.
Let's start with Indian approach.

The government:

Keen on implementing,but still can't implemnt it.Why? Because it came with a precondition Vote against Tehran. Against Indian energy interest!I don't think they forgot the reaction from Iran in which they clearly stated to use a cautious approach towards Iran.Indirect Diplomatic threat!

The anti US left.Another hurdle but can't move without them as they are part of the policies,as they are part of the government.I can't understand their issue,cause they even don't know their policies as it is not possible for a left party to say something conclusively in a non-communist country but they are correct as the need of energy should not let us down to the feet of imperialists.

US view:

They knew India has a great market, a good need of energy requirement,and what US has, great deal of weapons to sell in the troubled region of south asia,especially Indian peninsula. Thanks to a grand old controversy between India and Pakistan,starting an arm race.So it wnats to make India it's ally so as to sell weapons to both country, one a special non NATO member and another a great country. I don't know what US approach will be when their will be a war between India-PAk(though I pray never to happen). Funny!
Also they know India is growing in economy and one can't stop them soon to be independent in terms of energy resources,so what he is doing crippling them by providing aid and stopping them to develop their own. Nice!
And they knew that being the closest neighbour India has a greater problem with Iran becoming nuclear,who knows when that country will be taken over by Islamist fundamentalists and India will have a major problem with dealing with two Islamist hardcore nuclear countries.
what a damn it will be .
So who gives a damn.I know it will be just another treaty creating controversies and ending in a treat to both countries especially US.
My question how will India decide how to separate civil and military reactors?????
Even the government don't know. Not Indian nor the US.

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