Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prostitution in Kolkata

Kolkata was always considered a land of culture. Ruled by communists for over a generation yet it is the city that houses on of the world's biggest red light district. Sonagachi....

Every year more than 1000 new girls starting from the age 5 are sold over here to live their life in brothels that funds political powers and dignitaries.

Have you ever been molested in bus where unknown people touch and feel you up? Yeah!!! even if you are a boy, you will feel these touchings the same embarrassing like the girls? Now think how these girls and women feel when they are molested, mutilated, raped or penetrated for the gory pleasure of some guy or group of guys who think paying 100 bucks bought them the right to snatch the modesty of another human being.

Every year, these agents roam the villages and take young girls by giving them hope for a job and better living. These girls are then kept hungry for days and then they are sold to brothel from a price range of Rs 10000 to Rs.100000 depending upon the fairness and age of the girl. These girls are not trained to dance like what we saw in Slumdog Millionaire... these girls are forced to sell their body to customers. These customers do not make love. They are there to fulfill their kinkiest fantasy and sometimes spreading their STDs (Sexually transmitted disease) because their wives have refused to fulfill their fantasy. Each year more than 300 new cases of HIV infection are reported in Sonagachi.

Many NGOs are working in this red light district. They distribute free condoms and birth protection. However, there are lot of people who give extra money to have sex without protection. There are lot of truck drivers, taxi drivers, auto drivers and daily wagers who live far from their home, indulge in these acts.

Now the question is whom to blame ?? Are you going to blame those young girls who are selling their body without protest? or Are you gonna blame those agents and brothels that buy and sell them like commodities? or Are you gonna blame the sick mentality of society for letting these places operate?

No!!! The real culprit is the political system in India!! The government is run by political parties that are funded by these brothels.Therefore, they keep on supporting the human trafficking and sex trade for their own source of money. This money they use to spend during election campaigns by distributing to voters and sometime on their own fantasy fulfillment where they spend lavishly on likes of Bhavri Devis of our society.

The only solution is to legalize the sex trade. We need to give them the professional status, so that they don't operate from unhealthy places and give donation to political party. We should enact strict laws against human trafficking. It is high time that we wake up to support our fellow human beings...

This video tell about the story of a girl who is now supported by a NGO... I hope it will surely help you focus on this serious issue...

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